It’s finally over, well at least the hard part is. Tonight Nevik finally hit exalted with Silvermoon. A lot of grinding, and lot of purchasing runecloth, but it is over. In all I think I dumped about 400g in runecloth. If the starting blood elf quests were not nerfed for high levels I still would have had to fall back onto runecloth. Fortunately some of my guild mates helped out by donating their extra stacks.

It’s fun running around atop my chocobo yelling “Need GYSHAL GREENS!” wherever I go.

Their kindness helped me achieve my goal quicker and cheaper, even though gold is a lot easier to come by. Which should mean I’ll have riding 150 in no time now that I can actually save for it. Providing that I don’t become too tempted with picking up an off-hand upgrade. ^^; Eventually I think I’ll get Schmelz a chocobo, but only after the trivial rep gain is removed from those early BE quests.

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