There are times when habits become tiresome and although you know it’s a good thing to break it, you still desire to cling to it. This is mostly about my recent decision to try to put WoW behind me, however what Blizzard is doing made that decision a lot easier. I think they’re just trying to please too many people and failing horribly on all fronts. At first I had wondered how I would ever get over WoW, but now I can clearly see that it’s easy.

Well maybe I should quantify that statement by acknowledging that at this moment, I have plans to return to Azeroth, but not for awhile. I’ve just had zero desire to login and “work” at grinding reps for progression in WoW. Progression is now pretty much all rep driven and that really hurts those of us who rarely get an uninterrupted session. One may argue that it works in favor of this in that you can pretty much guarantee a steady progression. While that maybe true, you’d be overlooking one thing … the feeling of being left behind.

Rep-driven progression means you can’t just log in and be a filler slot for a raid. Now you have to make sure you’re attuned via reptuation and quests. Which also means that you’ll have to rely more on PUGs than your own guild to get attuned. And guess what, by the time you get attuned, your guild has already moved on to the “next” thing.

Maybe it’s the overwhelming content in TBC which leads to this massive feeling of being left behind. Yet there’s no relief in sight from Blizzard considering that v2.1 is adding 3 more factions to grind rep with. With as many reputations there are in TBC it only spotlights how WoW is more work than game, than fun even.

As such I’ve decided to seek shelter in console games and the single-player experience. There I can make progress towards an end goal that is fully attainable. With WoW I only see that goal get further and further away.

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