It was only a matter of time, after a month off that itch became too troublesome to ignore any further. Granted things went smoothly at first, but after watching wow-related machima a few of the right strings were pulled and quickly I found myself wanting to return. Almost a month after the day of my account deactivation I reup’d. Patch 2.1 was released and for some strange reason I actually felt like grinding rep for the Sha’tari Skyguard and Ogri’la Ogres.

Ironic I know, but this time around Blizzard has done something good with the tired reputation grind formula. Implimenting daily quests was a brilliant move not only in that it encouraged short spurts of grinding, but the gold yielded is extremely worth it. In one stroke they’ve given the more casual player an oppurtunity to obtain their epic flying mount without hours upon hours of mindless grinding and the raider an easy alternative to recoup repair bills and raiding supplies.

Small progression has been made with my rogue. Mostly from hitting exalted with the Scryers and the Skyguard. This weekend he’ll also be exalted with the Ogri’la ogres and will receive yet another small upgrade if I can wrangle some awryians to kill more dragons in BEM.

In the meantime I’ve decided to grind ogres in Nagrand for beads to turn into the Consortium while slowly earning Mag’har rep. Although neither faction will offer much for me at exalted, I figure I might as well. ^^; Now to find motivation to get my priest to 70 for arena action …

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