So my once beloved draenei mage on my sister’s server had been collecting inches of dust. Between the explosion of the old Spaceballs guild and the oft-MIA sister logging into my mage was lonely. Toss in the growing inadequacy of DPS scaling in relation to mob health post-40 and she just wasn’t fun to play anymore. I desperately wanted to achieve level 55 so I might create a deathknight on Whisperwind, but my motivation to do so just wasn’t there.

So I sought the advice and help of one of my arena team-mates that has 2 level 70 mages. A few talent alterations and 12 painful WSG marks later (I left my mage at level 43) I finally achieved over +100 in frost damage and dinged to 44 yielding a new rank of frostbolt.

She’s now sitting two-thirds of the way to 46 and now boasts a healthy +136 frost damage bonus. More importantly she is pretty fun to play as again and grinding mobs/quests is no longer quite as excrutiating as it once was. Moreover I found a guild to join that is small, social, and family-oriented. So once again, my mage is seeing playtime and should hit 55 before the expansion hits.

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