Are you ready for patch 3.3? I’m not. Well, I am … but I don’t have my toons positioned where I’d like them to be for 3.3. I was hoping to have my priest up to 80 and to have better gear on my DK for tanking PUGs using the dungeon finder tool. It’s not the end of the world though, far from it. Gearing up will be far easier after patch 3.3 than before it. I cannot wait to experience the new 5-mans and chain-run heroics on both my rogue and DK slowly obtain t9 gear along the way.

With the changes to how deadly poison works I’m wishing I had better daggers to switch over to my mutilate dual-spec. Then again, there is the Quel’delar quest chain with that sexy sword to keep me primarily running as a combat rogue. I’ll need to look through the loot tables for the 5-mans and plan out what I should be aiming for.

Similarly I’ll be running into the issue of DPS’ng or tanking as my DK. Neither his DPS or tanking set are spectacular, but he’s geared well enough that I’ll be comfortable taking him as DPS into the new 5-man heroics. His tanking set is ready for tanking heroics, but I’m not comfortable with attempting heroic Trial of the Champion yet since he’s just shy of 28k hp unbuffed. That might be good enough but considering that I’m still extremely green at this tanking stint, I’d feel more comfortable getting his hp over the 30k mark before jumping into random heroics as a tank.

Then there’s my priest. She’s still sitting at level 77 and in need of a lot of work. I’m planning on eventually transferring her off of Cenarius to find a new home on Jubei’thos, but I’d like to get her to supply my toons with glacial bags before she leaves. I also need to buy her a dual-spec so I can keep her shadow for solo content and disc for pvp/5-mans.

So much to do, at least Cataclysm is still a long ways off. ^^;

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