Of Hiatuses and Me

*Blink* Oh hey, look it’s been 2 months since my last update. Fun times have been had, well … no, actually not really. I hate to make apology posts, but alas there are times when things just don’t go your way and things fall by the wayside. You may have noticed that almost all of my pictures have broken themselves (other than the PvG post) and that is because I didn’t have the funds available to keep my web-space up.

Sad I know, but I assure you that soon I will have my own web-space and will work on migrating everything to the new host. Without a place to host my pictures for the blog, I found my motivation to keep up with the blog died along with my web-space. Thankfully I didn’t self-host my blog, so my blog is still alive and well … er, well it will be, again.

There’s one other thing that has pulled my attention away from the blog, the coming mini-cataclysm in my personal life: I’ll be a father once again with my son’s birth imminent. I say that with some trepidation as I know it’ll remain difficult for me to keep up with the blog. So if my updates continue to lag, I’m sorry, but I’m sure it’ll be understandable. I’ll do my best to check in with an update from time to time as things settle down. I’m going to be quite busy between my newborn son, Cataclysm, and this little project called The Overlores.

Happy Holidays and take care!

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