Pre-Cataclysm Jitters

I’ll come right out and say it, I’m a bit nervous about Cataclysm. On one hand I’m excited about all of the new content that I’ll be exploring, but on the other I’ll be leaving behind the feeling of being completely OP with all of the gear I was able to obtain through Wrath. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be exciting to have new gear to get but the growing pains to get there is what has me nervous.

If there’s one thing that Wrath has done is to increase the sense of self-entitlement of a lot of lazy players. Players that don’t move out of the bad, don’t follow marks or strategies, point fingers at others when they don’t even know how to play their class properly. These players are going to waltz into Cataclysm with the mentality of steam-rolling heroics for JP and then bitch and whine when a wipe happens. There’s going to be a lot of QQ on the forums when the glut of the player-base hits 85 and gets punched in the face by the difficulty of the Cataclysm heroics.

Although it’s been two years since the launch of Wrath, I can still vaguely remember back to running heroics when everyone was a fresh 80 and they weren’t easy. Sure they weren’t TBC heroic hard, but remember when you couldn’t just heal through Loken’s nova and had to move as a group to survive? Actually we don’t need to think that far back, remember how Halls of Reflection wasn’t a face-roll until 4.0.1 dropped and everyone started getting t10.

Fail-pugs are going to be rampant for awhile, but that’s not necessarily what I’m nervous about as I have a great guild to run dungeons with. No, my anxiety is more over my own ability to shake the face-roll mentality and revel in the new mechanics that the Cataclysm heroics will bring. This is far more relevant with my DK than my rogue since in Cataclysm I’m going full-time tank with DK.

At least my plan, so far, is to focus mainly on getting my rogue to 85 allowing me a chance to see all of the content from a DPS perspective before stepping into the role of tank. That should take the edge off and give me a chance to wrap my head around the mechanics and realize that they’re not insurmountable. It’ll be refreshing to not steam-roll through heroics and go through at a slower, more deliberate pace. To have a good time with guildies and not have the “GO GO GO” players when setting up pulls by marking targets and figuring out the best kill order for each pull.

You know what, I think I just turned that nervousness into excitement just by writing out this blog entry. Bring it on! I’ll see you guys on the flip-side of Cataclysm.

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