Where’s the PVP?

Let me start this massively procrastinated blog post with a really quick rant: patch 1.0.6 only contained two bug fixes and some background “road work” for improved chat features? REALLY? And then to top that off we’re teased with 1.0.7 news will be forthcoming … soon’sh? Boy does the Diablo 3 development team sure know how to keep us all on pins and needles with anticipation.

Okay, I’m being a little harsh. Patch 1.0.5 was a massive improvement to the game in just about every single possible way and 1.0.6 hopefully fixed the bug that allowed duping to happen. BUT WHERE’S THE PVP JAY WILSON? Prior to release Mr. Angry Robotics stated that PVP should come well before the end of the year and if it didn’t that it would be considered a disaster.

Well, by looks of the calendar on the wall there’s only just over a month to avoid a disaster.

So it’s pretty obvious that with all of the clamoring for a better end-game focus on PVP took a back seat and I agree completely with that decision. At this point PVP is going to be almost impossible to attain any shred of balance with the massive gear gap present in the game. If you’re a have-not you’re going to be instantly decimated by the haves.

Critical strike chance and critical strike damage are so incredibly broken that even if they were to cut those stats by 75+% that those without good gear still won’t be able to compete. And there will be a LOT of have-nots returning to Diablo 3 and jumping into PVP once it finally comes out.

So what’s the solution? Sadly I don’t think there’s a good one.

Awhile back there a PVP vendor was data-mined which would definitely lead us to believe that the D3 team will be taking a page from the WoW team by creating PVP gear for PVP. This gear will likely mirror what is currently in WoW today with two new stats on gear: PVP Power and PVP Defense. These two stats will presumably put everyone on an even playing field since no one will have PVP gear initially, but again those that have will easily decimate those that have-not and will be able to attain all the PVP gear they need to widen the gap.

Perhaps balance will be thrown out the window since it clearly won’t be easily attained and I’m sure we’ll hear things like “PVP is something to do on the side — for fun — and is in no way to be intended as an end-game progression system.” It’ll be a cop-out but we all know what the forums will look like after PVP is introduced.

If you thought the QQ present on the forums today is bad, just wait until PVP is launched.

So what’s the solution? You can’t back down from bringing PVP to the game, but there’s little chance for it to NOT be broken when introduced. Is PVP destined to be a massive failure and disappointment? Will it take months of tweaks to get right?

I’m sure these questions are the reason that we haven’t seen PVP yet. If they rushed PVP out without addressing these potential problems it could do far more harm than good. A broken PVP system would permanently drive everyone that has been waiting for it.

So while I am disappointed that we still don’t have PVP and haven’t heard much about the progress being made to get the system in game, I’d rather the dev team took their time to get it as right as they can before unleashing it to us. I want smashing puke doctor faces in to be fun, not frustrating ^^;

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