Updates, Hiatuses, and the Future

It’s funny how certain things in your life simply get moved around in priority for everything else. Take my blog for example, it always experiences long periods of time where I don’t make the time to pen down my thoughts. I’ve certainly had ideas and opinions that I could have blogged about, but I didn’t have the motivation to sit down and type.

Instead I’ve been making a push to get my softcore wizard up to paragon 100 that up until recently was going really well. As of yesterday my main wizard, Malnevicent, dinged 93. Things really, really slow down once you’re up into the nineties as going from paragon 91 to 100 is over a quarter of the total experience required for paragon 100. Now if I had better gear for my wizard I could speed things up quite a bit by running at MP10, but as far as her gear is concerned, MP6 seems to be the sweet spot for me for running an Archon build.

I had toyed with a hybrid CM build utilizing Meteor and Living Lightning instead of Wicked Wind and Explosive Blast. It was a lot of fun and could handle up to MP8, but it didn’t compare in efficiency as running as Archon. The added benefit of running Archon is that I could effectively play one-handed, freeing my left hand so I could drink coffee, or wine, or water while playing.

There’s only one issue, Archon is mind-numbingly boring to play as … sometimes. When the game becomes a mind-numbing grind, I tend to lose focus and drift a little. And drift I have.

Diablo III has been out on PS3 and Xbox 360 for almost two weeks now and surprisingly I’ve sunk a bunch of time into it. For being mostly the same exact game it still feels like a breath of fresh air with the tweeks they’ve made to the loot system. Due to the lack of an auction house and offline play the loot that drops has to be better and my console wizard – yup, she’ll be my 4th level 60 wizard – has found no less than 15 legendaries so far after chumping Belial in Nightmare last night.

I’m not going to lie, the console version has killed a bit of my enthusiasm for playing on PC. It feels less rewarding when 99.9% of what drops is virtually worthless and Loot 2.0 is still in all likelihood months upon months away.

Blizzard has been very cagey when it comes to letting us know just how far along they are with development on Reaper of Souls. Just two days ago a new build containing a metric-ton of RoS strings appeared on the PTR which would lead one to believe that a beta could be seen Soon™. Then just today I saw a thread in which Travis Day commented that work on game/build-changing affixes is still far from being complete and we saw at Gamescom wasn’t an exhaustive representation of what is coming.

Wait, what? Weren’t we teased with Loot 2.0 late last year? Oh right, this is Blizzard that we’re talking about. I am surprised, however, that they have already announced the new expansion. My money was on them debuting it at Blizzcon.

With Reaper of Souls being a known commodity what does that mean for Blizzcon? Beta by the end of the year? I wouldn’t expect to hear anything remotely close to a release date for the expansion because that is still too far away; at best we will know two months before. Besides, Nate Kenyon’s Diablo: Storm of Light is currently set to release in February 2014 and given that the book is set between the events of Diablo III Chocolate and Reaper of Souls, it would make sense for it to be released ahead of – or possibly along side with – the expansion.

Are you excited? I am. Frozen orb is coming back? AND GLACIAL SPIKE? Color me excited. Now let’s hope that there will be an item that will grant all projectiles the ability to pierce. I would love to have a piercing spiketress again … SO MUCH FUN.

Now back to getting my 4th wizard to 60. Oh wait, I mean paragon 100. Oh wait, maybe some hardcore wizard action? I do need to get my 2 HC wizards up to Inferno. OH TIME, WHY ARE YOU NOT KIND TO ME?



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