Story time kiddos! So pull up a pillow, a blanket, some popcorn and enjoy!

A long time ago in the fifth month of the year 2004, I was battling a war of attrition in this distant fantasy land named Vana’diel, the game world of Square’s Final Fantasy XI. It served as my first real foray into the MMO genre and I loved it dearly, even if it didn’t love me back. My experiences within were tests of patience to get anything going in-game and when something did happen, I felt like immortalizing it with my limited grasp of the written word. Also, all of the cool kids were blogging about their exploits in Vana’diel, and I wanted in on that action.

With an outlet to share my frustrations and triumphs this blog served to fill the extensive amount of down-time I experienced in XI and the blog took off swimmingly … at least until I started suffering from severe burnout and experienced my first of many lapses in updates. Fortunately I just couldn’t quit my blog and after a couple of months I came back to blogging with a wider range of topics. No longer was Final Fantasy XI the main focus of the blog and slowly but surely I began to expand it to include virtually every aspect of my life, or at least what I was willing to share.

Then World of Warcraft launched and the rest, as they say, is history!

Wait! That’s a cop-out! Tell me more!

Alright, if I must … it all began when my mom and dad … not that far back? Okay…

As I stated, my blog has grown to include not only my online-gaming exploits, but various aspects of my personal life as well as the occasional appearance of console gaming. In a previous life console gaming was my gaming identity but thanks to the addictive qualities of MMOs that aspect has been mostly supplanted by my online gaming. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, as this transformation led to the creation of this blog and my overall online identity.

I blog mostly for myself, but also to satisfy that need to feel like I’m apart of the meta-community. There will always be times where I may not blog much, but I’ll always come back to share even if the only reader of my blog ends up being me.  While this blog may not serve as a focused entity for any one particular interest of mine, it offers insight into who I am, what I love, and what I hope to do. Some day when my children have grown up and my wife and I reminisce about our lives together, we can all have a good laugh about how much of a goof-ball and geek I can be.


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