Yeah right!

Blizzard has yet again foiled my addiction to this drug.

Argh. Maybe tomorrow night. >.< Out of all the things I could have accomplished, I decided to get my mule in FFXI a Santa Cap. Perhaps I could have better spent that time playing MGS3 (or at least opening the plastic wrap) or hopping on Xbox Live and get some Halo 2 action.

Hmmm …


The Hornsplitter

As the title suggests I’ve gotten my first taste in HNM hunting. Albeit, they’re baby HNMs, but it was still a lot of fun. Liberi was out hunting for Bloodtear last night and needed someone with /RNG to come out and help. I finished up my crafting and volunteered to come out considering I have a lot of experience hunting rams, (well not so much in La Thiene). 45 mins or so later Blood popped and we easily got the claim. No shield dropped but it was a fun experience and I felt like I finally contributed something useful to the LS.

Fast forward to this afternoon and I’m just about to begin hunting for rams. I’m widescanning for Tremor Rams and as I’m scrolling through I think I see Steelfleece. After double-checking indeed it was. Liberi scrambled to get out to Konschtat and just as Arien (NIN-tank) was approaching and I’m dismounting from my chocobo some jackass Dragoon claims and immediately does /help. (The jackass’ name is Yamadakun)

Obviously Yamadajackass couldn’t solo it so he does a high-jump and runs off sacrificing his wyvern. By this time a number of people started hanging around waiting for Steelfleece to go unclaimed. Well for some reason Arien started whacking on the ram and then had to 2hr to shed his hate so we might have a chance of claiming.

After Arien mijin gakure’d the ram took off after Yamadakun’s wyvern (he stayed in the zone … what a jackass) and once his wyvern died Yamadakun darted off towards Valkurm. Eventually Steelfleece ended up near the zone and Liberi’s Ehk was able to get the claim from everyone else around. Needless to say, Steelfleece didn’t drop the shield either (it was even a full moon 95%).

So I’ve had fun hunting the big bad rams and we’re probably going to try for Bloodtear again tonight as well as Steelfleece tomorrow afternoon. Other than that excitement I’ve been focusing on leathercrafting. Started off this week at 35.2, currently I’m sitting at 47.1. Getting really close to attempting tiger leather which I’ll take all the way to 61. Just need to fill a small gap (from 49 to 50/51) with Himantes. ; ;


Oops! I lapsed in updating my journal … ironically after telling Amber (Skeptic) to update hers. So what have I been up to? Looking for another testing job and getting back into playing XI. First off let me update you with my real-life going-ons. After finishing up Nightmare of Druaga (ugh … only pick it up if you’re into dungeon crawlers) Namco didn’t have any projects ready for me to get moved onto. So I was “temporarily” laid off until more work was available for me to placed onto.

Well I can’t just sit around and not bring in a pay-check so I started looking around for other testing opportunities and got a bite back from another temp-agency by the name of Psinapse. About a week later I had an interview scheduled with Sega and that went well, (albeit very very short). Got confirmation yesterday that I’ve been placed on the hiring list for Sega however an official start date hasn’t been set. *Shrug* So that’s all good.

Now onto what you really care about … Nevik’s time in Vana’diel. Well the whole duoing with Yunie hasn’t panned out yet so BST is still sitting at 14. However I haven’t been sitting around idly … Nevik has been up to a couple of really cool things.

I decided that I wanted to go do Promyvion so I took my WAR from 24 to 31 and have that job all ready to go. Evidentally my new LS (which I’m starting to get to know everyone and feel welcome) will be do promy runs on Friday so I’m looking forward to that. In order to get ready for that I’ve started hunting rams again since the market is pretty stable (15k/stack).

Other than that last night Liberi Fatali was doing Bastok M11 & M12 for those of us still needing to do those. We took one party for M11 and 2 parties for M12. Both parties were succesful in killing the Shadow Lord so 4 or 5 of us graduated to rank 6. Woo! Afterwards I headed to Norg to do ZM1/2/3 cutscenes … and I must say the storyline is really cool. It really fleshes out the story in M12 a lot better.

In addition to all of that, I stopped by Windurst to activate Thief AF2 and this afternoon I stopped by Oz in hopes of getting my AF pants. 30 mins or so into camping the bottom 2 coffers one popped and I got my pants with my second thief tool. ^^ Now I can get back to leveling thief and soon will be going after G2.

Life in XI has gotten good again.

Goooood Mooooooooorning Vana’dieeeelll!!!!!

Let’s start off with the fact that this journal update is horribly overdue. Nevik returned to Vana’diel quite awhile ago. With the purchase of CoP to be exact … BUT I just didn’t get around to updating this since at first the return was lackluster. That is to say that my interest in playing didn’t revive until recently when I decided to focus my time into BST. Yup, that’s right … I’ve become a pirate Ash Catchem.

Why the decision to go BST? Well that’s actually simple to answer … no more LFP! That and I don’t have all the time in the world to devote to THF. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not abandoning THF at all … just continuing the break from that. I did, however, complete G1 finally with the help of Yunie. (THANK YOU!!!) Last weekend Yunie arranged to get a group of people together to do a G1-run with the only person needing the papyrus being me. I helped out with getting the mold, stood around for the coal and finally … we tele’d out to Vahzl and made our way to the acursed necropolis. 30 or so liches later and I had my papyrus.

So currently I’m sitting at BST14/WHM7 and am really starting to dig this whole BST thingie. It’s definitely not the most entertaining job in the XI universe, nor have I gotten to the really horrible grind of it yet (everything leading up to getting the precious release) but it’s enjoyable. Yunie also has a BST14 and we’re planning on becoming a perma-duo for leveling BST, but we’ll just have to see how that goes … (the BST duo guide starts at lv35 … but I’m sure we’ll figure something efficient out for ourselves)

Now this may be the alcohol in my system, but I feel like gushing right now … Yunie is by far my favorite person in Vana’diel. She held my most important equipment while I took my break and gave it back upon my return. Now knowing that we’ll be partnering up and going on adventures together is what is making FFXI exciting again … It’s like finally I’ll be able to experience Vana’diel the way that the designers intended. I missed the sense of exploration and comradity that I experienced when we were all noobs… now I get to relive that … sort-of 😀 (Just this time we’ll sorta know what we’re doing, but have fun at the same time)

I haven’t experienced any of the new CoP areas and I’m unsure that Yunie has either … so it’ll be great the first time we both step into a new zone and explore our surroundings … Turns out my break from the game and a refocusing of my energies is what I really needed to get energized about this game again.

Farewell Vana’diel …

I’ve come to the realization that not only do I not miss playing XI, but that I actually dread ever returning to Vana’diel. I’m already working enough as is (60hr+ weeks are the norm as a game tester) and don’t want to come home only to log in more hours of work in XI. I’ve gotten back into playing “regular” games and after my experiences with XI I seriously doubt I’ll ever give another MMORPG a shot.

For the time being my LJ will probably remain un-updated (mainly due to the hours I’m logging in at Namco). Eventually when projects die down and I have more time I may decide to update this … but since this was mainly a FFXI diary … I doubt I will be.

Taking a break …

I’ve finally decided that its time to take break from XI. The prospect of paper hunting is daunting and I’ve felt my desire to play dwindling. I even tried leveling BST for a little while but almost didn’t even get that far … (I was sitting there in my MH as a naked BST1/WHM1 debating whether or not I should even bother) Considering tomorrow I will be starting at Namco my free-time is going to be at a premium and testing buggy games for 8+hrs per day is sure to kill my drive.

I know I will eventually make a return to XI … but probably not for quite some time. Right now I’m thinking I’ll come back before the expansion … but who knows … If I can go that long without even wanting to play … there’s a good chance I may never play XI again.

So what does that mean for this journal? I’ll try to keep it updated as much as I can with my real life experiences and any other gaming exploits I may be undertaking. So fear not … this journal isn’t going to die anytime soon.

Is this the end?

I haven’t updated in awhile and that’s simply because I wasn’t around this weekend. Well, actually I did come back yesterday but didn’t feel the desire to hop on XI. Today, same thing … I’m just not feeling the urge to continue playing XI right now. It might have a little something to do with the good news I received today: I will be starting work with Namco on Wednesday.

That’s right … finally the testing position has come through and I’ll be testing for Namco. This will almost assuredly kill most of my desire to play games at home, but we will see. I know my XI playing will assuredly take a hit … and to be honest I don’t really care.

XI is getting boring for me … I finally hit 50 with thief and while thats good n’ all … I’m just bored. I don’t feel like leveling (even though I can’t until I get the ancient papyrus) and coffer-hunting in Castle Oztroja is incredibly boring.

So what is the fate of Nevik? I’m not really sure at this point … I may take a break from the game until the expansion comes out … but I dunno. Need to talk with Yunie and Elric and find out what their plans are for our set.

Until then … I’ll be playing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.