What a Penske …

Before you ask the title of today’s quickie is a play on what a pain. Why? Well as I’m laboring to type these words for you I’m sitting on at a plastic picnic table which is filling in for Penske’s customer lounge in lieu of the real thing being utilized for a meeting. Not terrible on its own since it is a beautiful day out, but I’m unable to enjoy it on account of possibly having a sinus infection. Oids.

Whoa, that’s a lot of QQ there.

I’m allowed to vent from time to time right? Sure I may have already done so on Twitter, but I figured I would share here as well since I’m trying to make the most of it by blogging from my phone. It’s coo right?

Alright, I suppose we can allow it this time, but I’m hoping there’s a little more substance to this “quickie.”

Thank you for being so understanding but you’re right, I do have more to say than just bitching about Murphy’s Law. So let me get on with it …

I am relieved to see that Blizzard is letting loose with a good amount of 4.2 information. With the numerous “delays” of 4.1 I was beginning to worry that in typical Blizzard-fashion it would be weeks before anything would surface. Had this been the case I would have cried foul on their plans to release smaller content patches more frequently.

Sure, it could still be awhile before 4.2 hits the PTR and could languish there as 4.1 did, but by releasing this information so soon after Rise of the Zandalari Blizzard has successfully allayed my worries … for now. Should 4.2 hit the PTR next week, we could possibly see the Firelands go live by June which is pretty close to a 6 month release cycle for major raid content patches.

But you’re not a raider and never will be so why do you care?

This much is true as I’ve said it multiple times before, but I do care because I like to live vicariously through my friends who do raid. That and with the introduction of t12 armor we will be able to purchase t11 with JP.

Really? You’re excited about welfare epics?

Yes, yes I am and I’m not ashamed to say that. Getting great gear and putting it to use is fun for me and it makes running heriocs a lot less stressful and enjoyable to run with strangers. Well, okay that might overstating things a bit, but I have encountered some fantastic people in the dungeon finder before. At the very least the proliferation of older raid gear makes PuGs a lot more bearable.

Besides, I can’t wait to deck my mage out in t11 since they clearly won the armor set competition this round. Hopefully rogue t12 won’t be terribad … it’s been awhile since there was a rogue set that I really liked.

Anyhoo, this quickie has ended up not so quick. Time for me to close this out so that my thumbs don’t fall off since I’m sure there will be auto-correct fixes that I will need to go back and fix.


Roll Out the Red Carpet

I may be alone here, but I for one would welcome a new regime, a troll regime. Then again Vol’jin isn’t backing the Zandalari so I suppose I shouldn’t either. He is da man after all and I’m not dumb enough to stand in his way.

However for the time being I’ll be showing indifference with this new development by not working on my troll rogue, at least not until the political fall-out settles … don’t want to be on the wrong side of Garrosh either. That orc es muy loco! He threw Krom’gar off a lift in Stonetalon and I wouldn’t want there to be an encore. Krom’gar!

So until that happens I’ll happily stick to my Draenei mage over on Winterhoof. Netherwing rep doesn’t grind itself and she won’t rest until she is atop a netherdrake. That’s more important than a troll uprising, right?

Ziggy Zoggy Ziggy Zoggy Oy Oy Oy!

Blogging on the Go

I’ve always been limited to updating my blog from the comfort of my home, but with the recent acquisition of a true smart phone (HTC Evo 4) I now have the ability to blog on the go. I’m not quite certain if this will actually increase the frequency of my posts (dealing with the virtual keyboard and auto-correct might be dicey) or provide myself with an adequate outlet to share shorter, more focused thoughts, but it’s at least a possibility now. An exciting possibility for certain yet we’ll have to see if it is even worthwhile.

So what can we expect to see you post from your phone?

To be honest, I’m not sure yet. I wouldn’t expect a ton of random real life entries such as how much I’m enjoying whatever I’m eating or drinking, that’s what I have Twitter for. I do know, however, that whatever I feel the need to blog from my phone will have to be very much to the point. I simply cannot see myself typing via virtual keyboard for anything much more than a few paragraphs. So when/if I do decide to use this outlet brevity will be my friend.

Awww, I love it when you ramble on!

Awww, that’s sweet. Don’t worry, the majority of my blogging will still be from the comfort of my computer at home. I’ve had to make numerous corrections already in this entry, so there’s no way that phone blogging will become the norm on my blog. It’s just a new outlet and I wanted to see what it would feel like.

So I bid you adieu, I have this urge to look into getting a netbook … or a laptop ^^;