I am a huge fan of 24 and Jack Bauer. Ever since my wife and I decided to check out the “greatest show on TV” part-way through season 2 I became hooked. My wife and I will name our son Jack Bauer Rainwater afterall ^^;

During the past 7 seasons there have been a few missteps along the way, (why on earth did they decide to kill Palmer?) but my love for the show through its twists and turns has remained staunchly solid. 24 is like a classic wooden rollercoaster: it might be bumpy, jarring, and slightly predictable at times, but once the ride is over, you crave more.

Even with season 7 straining my devout love for the show, I was satisfied with the ride and yearned for the next season. Sure, the ending was a bit contrived but then again, what plot in 24 isn’t? I almost feel like season 7 had been set up to close out Jack’s story and maybe season 8 would start fresh with Jane Bauer, er … I mean Renee Walker. I would have been okay with that, but 24 wouldn’t be 24 without Jack Bauer.

Enter the first 4 hours of season 8.

I am beginning to think that 24 may have run its course. 24 has always been predictable, but this time I’m finding myself far less forgiving of it. Perhaps it is the cliche of pulling Jack back in or the fact that CTU New York is far too fashionable and run by quite possibly the most poorly written and dense character ever in 24. Every time Hastings has that little control for his headset in his hands I want to punch the TV.

These are new feelings revolving around 24 for me. I’ve always suspended my disbelief in previous seasons, but this time I am finding myself criticizing 24. Chloe is out-of-her-element? Freddie Prince Jr? Shoulder-less dresses are acceptable attire at CTU?

Now don’t get me wrong. I still enjoyed the first 4 hours of this season, if only because of the return of the pompadour. President Omar Hassan is easily my 2nd favorite president in 24 next to President Palmer of course. Any scene with him in it is a good scene as his demeanor and style ooze cool.

Jane Bau…er Renee Walker’s return should also provide some substance for season 8 considering how hour 4 ended. The dynamic between Renee and Jack was very intriguing in season 7 and I cannot wait to see where the writers take their relationship during the next 20 hours.

So while I predicted every plot twist so far, (mark my words, there’s still a sinister twist involving the blonde reporter) I’m looking forward to season 8 unfolding. There’s still plenty of time to recover from the blunders of the first 4 hours, especially if they kill off Dana Walsh ASAP. God she’s horrible.