A Passion Re-Ignited

Let me preface this entry by stating that I began writing this before patch 4.2 dropped but between a trip to Disneyland with my wife and all of the hullabaloo over 4.2 my blog became a distant concern. I’m not apologizing for the neglect over the past month, but I did want to explain to a small degree why there has been yet another lapse in my long career of lapses. You won’t hold it against me, right?

Anyhoo, let’s move on into the meat of this post …

It amazes me how with each expansion my approach and focus to my long-time gaming addiction changes. In The Burning Crusade most PvE content was out of my reach, not only because of the painful rep-grinds but also because I was having to balance time against the birth of my daughter. These restrictions led me back to an aspect of the game that I once spent a good chunk of time in, PvP.

Granted back then I did most of my PvP on my priest, not my rogue. It was something that I could jump in and out of without adversely affecting the gameplay of my friends or whomever I was grouping with at the time. Even though it started off exceptionally frustrating until I got my rogue enough gear to survive long enough to provide any kind of threat. Once the gear was mostly not an issue my enjoyment of the competitive nature of PvP soared.

Then Wrath of the Lich King arrived and my focus shifted back to running PvE content. My daughter was older and my ability to commit longer chunks of game-time increased to where I could run heroic dungeons. With my PvP-focused priest lagging far, far behind in levels I decided that I didn’t want to once again subject my rogue to the grueling gear-grind to become viable in PvP once more. Death Knights were the bane of my rogue’s existence when I did foolishly venture into PvP as they were EVERYWHERE and would death grip me away to my demise. So I hung up my PvP boots and embraced trivialized heroics as WotLK matured.

Yet there was a apart of me that yearned to return to the PvP scene; watching PvP videos certainly didn’t satiate my hunger. Unfortunately the barrier to entry was so painful that when I did decide to jump back in, it was already far too late in Wrath’s life for me to get my priest caught up. Besides, most of my time was already occupied running lots of PvE content with my rogue and death knight tank, finding time to fit in PvP would have been impossibly difficult.

That’s where the great world sundering of the Cataclysm strode in to save the day; that and the birth of my son. Back are the days of spontaneously needing to jump up and tend to my son at the drop of the hat and my inability to dedicate chunks of time to run PvE content, especially since Cata brought back lengthier dungeons. Once again I’ve returned to clashing with the opposing faction, this time from the opposite faction than before. Instead of jumping into the fray from any of my horde toons I am spilling the blood of my “former” comrades with my Draenei mage.

Fret not, however, I haven’t completely forsaken my horde toons and still have grand plans to get my Undead priest caught up and in the middle of the action … as soon as I find the time to do so. Until that fateful day I’ve been spending the majority of my time working on my mage as well as watching mage PvP videos to keep my motivation and drive going. I still have a lonnnnnng way to go considering that I still need to drop herbalism from my mage and pick up engineering for all of the fun toys tinkers get to play with in BGs.

At first I tried running with frost my mage and was getting my ass handed to me on a regular basis. Sure I wasn’t properly spec’d for PvP but there was something about frost that didn’t sit right with the mentality I was taking. I like to be mobile in PvP and in order to deal my best damage I had to be a stationary glass cannon. I was also running into issues with my water elemental running off and/or not following me when it came time to retreat. I knew I needed to try something else and to make sure that whatever it was that I picked the right talents for PvP. That’s where this video CHANGED MY LIFE …

Well, okay. Maybe it didn’t actually change my life but it definitely did change my mage’s life. Fire is just an absolute blast to play! Pun-intended. While I’m still far from a high-level of play I’m learning the in and outs of playing as a fire-battle mage and enjoying the hell out of it. That’s the most important thing, right? Once I get my mage’s gear together and her engineering up I know she’ll be a wrecking ball out on the battlefield and I can not wait, but for now she’ll just have to be satisfied with occasionally wrecking people.