Unexpected Generosity

A couple weeks back I put together some artwork for Skolnick of the incredible mini-podcast Warcraft Less Traveled out of sheer love for the show [Note: As of this post the work I did has yet to go live].  I told him as such and that I didn’t expect anything in return other than a small nod for my work simply because him and his show deserved a fitting facelift to take his show to the next level  (his words, not mine as I feel he’s already done that).

It was another project that I could add to my portfolio (if I ever finish that site) and to me that alone is payment enough for my efforts. Needless to say I was floored when I received an email from Blizzard alerting me that I had been gifted Mr. SnufflesMcMeowMeow (Hi Shade!) aka the Winged Guardian. I was flabbergasted and extremely happy since I had planned on buying the mount eventually when the finances allowed.

I promptly thanked Skolnick for his incredible generosity and planned on putting something together to do the gift justice to adequately express my gratitude. This is where this blog entry comes into play … another art-filled post showing off the majesty of the flyion. (Once again you can click on the images to see the full-size version)

WoW as a Muse

Gaming has long been my artistic muse and World of Warcraft is no different. While I definitely don’t spend as much time as I should turning screen-shots into pieces of art, every now and then the mood strikes me. This is one of those times … enjoy!

Don’t forget to click on the pictures to see the full-size versions!

Sulfuron Spire

Aiom, Ogre Frost Mage

Deathwing, Destroyer of the World