It’s hard to believe that we’re just over a week until Christmas. Have you finished your shopping? I love this time of year, well, at least all the Christmas lights. Not the excessively short-tempered drivers as you come into proximity with a shopping center. Regardless, I’m feeling a bit more of the holiday spirit this year.

It may have a lot to do with the fact that my daughter is old enough now to truly enjoy this season. After I put the tree up the look of amazement on her face melted my heart, especially after she would run up to the tree and then “showcase it” to me. It’s going to be fun putting out the “Santa” gifts for her and seeing her reaction in the morning.

But my favorite thing about Christmas has to be egg nog, nectar of the gods. So fattening, but soooooo good. Oh well, there’s always New Year’s for resolutions I’ll never keep. 😉


I’ve have this lingering feeling that has been bugging me for the past month. I suppose it’s associated to the feeling that everything you’ve done hasn’t gotten you anywhere. It almost feels as if everything I’ve done has actually ended up taking a step backwards. Here’s the body of work I’m referring to:

New job search – Has been going very slowly. I’m not looking for a “sidegrade” in job. I need something that’ll be a substantial upgrade in order to counter the negative effect that jumping to a new job will have on a home loan approval.

Nevikdesigns.com – *sigh* I started off strong on working on this, but haven’t touched this project pretty much since October 31st.

Final Fantasy XII – I’m at the end of the game, but haven’t touched it for the past two weeks. Namely because of WoW patch 2.0.1 and the promise of easy rank 14 weapons.

World of Warcraft – I’ve had extremely bad luck when it comes to horde PUGs in the BGs, having only been in one winning BG out of 30. Alliance premies scouting for pugs is a despicable practice in battlegroup “Whirlwind.” Then a week after launching 2.0.1 they nerfed honor so that now I’ll be lucky to get one HWL weapon before the expansion.

Starting my own business – I had my motivation for starting up my own niche video game store crushed when the possibility of this pursuit negatively effecting the home buying situation as well as general family life.

So there you go, that pretty much covers the lack of updates since FFXII’s launch. Maybe I’m being too “emo” but the holidays always seem to stir things up. Hey, at least I got the tree up last week and my daughter’s reactions to all the lights has been adorable.