“Hi March! I believe we’ve met many times before. I’m doing well, and you? Oh? You’re thinking it’s time for another break from online gaming? I was thinking the same thing considering how incredibly behind on my console gaming I am. You’re right, I have effectively given Blizzard $30 for logging into WoW a handful of times during the past 2 months. Again, you’re right (as usual) … taking some time off will also give STO some time to rectify the many faults it has. Okay, take care! I’ll see you again next year.”

As you can probably surmise from my humorous and imaginative conversation with the month of March, it’s time for my seemingly annual break from online gaming. Breaks help me avoid from completely burning out and gives me the opportunity to catch up with my consoles. It also has the added benefit of giving the finances a small break as well. At least, that is, if I don’t go out on gaming benders and pick up a ton of games. ^^;

What does this break mean for my blog? Well, if you’ve been following my blog over the past 5’sh years you’re familiar with this annual ritual and know what to expect. If you’re a newer follower of my blog here’s the run-down: chances are that WoW/STO related entries will disappear for awhile, but I will continue to blog about my console gaming exploits during my online hiatus.

I definitely won’t be at a loss for gaming to blog about for at least a couple weeks; I’m currently working on Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy XIII comes out next week. Then there’s my backlog … mostly of PS2 games, oids. Persona 3, Rogue Galaxy, Magna Carta, Grandia III & Xtreme, Dragon Quest VIII … ugh, the list goes on. I’ve started most of them, but somewhere along the line, WoW got in the way I never finished them up.

I guess I'm going on a vacation in the Gamma quadrant?

There will probably be one last STO entry since my subscription is active until the 4th. I would like to reach Commander, pick up my shiny new cruiser and give it a go around the galaxy. There should also be the occasional WoW/STO entry as warranted by breaking news even though I’ve not been one to blog my reactions/opinions to the news; not, at least, unless it is a MEGATON piece of news that I can’t help but blog about.

So fear not, the blog will continue to live on as it always has. Ciao!


Oh LiveJournal how I’ve neglected you. I really didn’t mean to, it’s just you know … things come up and good intentions get sidetracked. Let’s put the past behind us and start again … I’m sure we can make things right.

So where do I begin? This blog has mainly served as a means of recording my activities with time-sucking MMOs and I seem to be at a stage at my life that MMOs are not the center of my gaming habits anymroe. I am (and have been since early Feb) once again on hiatus from Warcrack. This time feels a little different however; I am no longer daily keeping up on WoW news and even when I do, I feel like an outsider. Meaning I’m not feeling those same yearnings to come back.

It’s taken 4 years but I think I’m finally sick of WoW; don’t get me wrong … I loved WoW, but its just no longer for me … I think. I’ve never really been able to get the “most” out of WoW in terms of raiding; my life just isn’t set up to. There’d be some sense of envy when I’d sit on the sidelines while my guild would raid, but I always felt like a hinderance when I would get a chance to join a raid.

Needless to say now that I’m nearing 3 months of removal from WoW, I’ve been able to catch up on some of my backlog of console games gathering dust. Sadly though my habit of picking something up, getting deep into the game and then sitting it down continues. I’m near the end of Half-Life 2 and Fable 2 but I’ve been playing Street Fighter IV and just started Persona 3 (finally).

There’s still more to my backlog however; Drakengard 2, Dragon Quest VIII, Grandia 3, Grandia X-Treme, Magna Carta, MGS3 (sigh, yes), Radiata Stories, Rogue Galaxy, Last Remnant, FFTA2, and maybe I’ll try FFX-2 again. >.<! Yes, there’s enough to keep me busy for a very, very long time; not to mention upcoming titles that I’ll probably want to get as well. I know that once Diablo III drops, my intentions to get to those backlogged titles will get sidetracked ^^;

So what else have I been up to? Well my wife and I have really adopted Facebook into our lives and recently started twittering. With the recent acquisition of two Blackberry Curves our semi-obsession with social-networking has been strengthened. Poor Myspace has become a thing of our past it seems. I still check it from time to time, but Facebook has definitely become my favorite. (Hit me up via PM if you want to add me as a friend on Facebook)

Well I think that I’ve sufficiently given LJ some love for now. Next update I’ll try to focus in on Persona 3 and Street Fighter IV. Until then, adieu …


Combine the void of waiting for FFXII and the now confirmed slippage of TBC into ’07 I’ve come to realize how busy this quarter is for gaming. I haven’t even really paid attention to the release dates and already I have a growing list of must-haves or really-wants. If I had a large disposable income I could top 5 bills not including any new systems, easily. Toss in my continuing desire to pick up a 360 (finally) and I’d just be wrecked, both financially and time-wise.

It’s just impossible to work in that many games into my busy schedule and that’s not even bringing in my back-log of games that I continue to neglect, but still would like to finish. Thank god Blizzard pulled another Blizzard and delayed the expansion. If TBC were to have come out this quarter … At least now I’ll have some time to work on that back-log as well as add to it.

Obviously FFXII will take precedence over everything else for my gaming time. However it might still be a good idea to plan out in what order I’ll try to tackle things. Grandia III is high on my list of must-plays, but there’s also .Hack//G.U. vol.1/Rebirth that looks incredibly intriguing. My love for the Shin Megami Tensei series (even though to this day I’ve never completed a single title) compels me to pick up Devil Summoner, especially since it’ll more than likely be a limited run.

Then there’s this little game called Ookami that I’d love to dig into. The artistic visuals appeal to me and I’ve heard countless comparisons to Zelda which happens to be my all-time favorite Nintendo franchise. Which also reminds me that the Twilight Princess is on the horizon and although I’m opting for the ‘Cube version, I suppose the temptation might become too great and I’ll end up purchasing a Wii just so I don’t have to wait for the GC version.

And who can forget about PSU? This title could single-handedly keep me occupied completely until TBC. It’s going to be difficult to fight the urge to pick it up this week, but I must stay strong. Forcing myself to get it on PC along with a 360 USB controller should help considering my current financial limitations.

A look at my back-log places things into an even grimmer light; Dragon Quest VIII unfinished, Radiata Stories unfinished, Drakengard 2 unfinished, Shadow of the Colossus Hard/Time modes not even started, Fable TLC only an hour in, Advent Rising unfinished, Indigo Prophecy still interested, Ratchet and Clank: Deadlocked not even started.

I suppose I have no choice but to pace myself, ugh.