Wait … 2 in a row?

I’ll preface this entry by giving a fair bit of warning on my mental state; I am exhausted. If I end up rambling, please excuse me and I’ll hope for the best. Anyways, I think I’ll geek-out and try to update my WoW hijinks.

With 1.11 around the corner I finally provided my rogue (he’s the leatherworker) with a salt shaker so that I may partake in the fleecing of those needing cured rugged hides for their tier 3 sets. My best friend was able to sell a stack for 149g so it should be pretty profitable before EVERYONE starts pumping out the hides. I mean, there’s only going to be a small population that will actually be ready to get tier 3, so the bottom of the market could fall out very quickly.

But either way this preperation has caused me to pick up skinning again on my rogue as my druid won’t be 60 anytime soon. Once my rogue was a 300 skinner, but when I decided to start farming BRD for DI ore I dropped skinning in favor of mining. Now that months have gone by without my running BRD and having horrible luck with obtaining arcane crystals, I’ve decided to go back to skinning, at least temporarily.

Potentially the only game to shake my WoW addiction?

My longterm plan is to drop skinning (again) for jewelcrafting once the expansion hits later this year. Although this is all hinging on whether or not Phantasy Star Universe completely usurps WoW as my gaming addiction. I’m hoping I’ll be able to give both their due time, but let’s be real. PSO decimated the time I spent with other games and considering how much Sega improved on that formula … well let’s just say that it will enter my hall-of-fame (or infamy to the wife ^^) of gaming addictions.

But let’s get back to WoW for now. As I previously stated I’m in the process of leveling up a druid for skinning and mining. At first playing a druid felt like weaker shaman, but once I hit 20 and was able to shift into catform I have completely fallen in love with the class. Druid is a schmorgesborgh (sp?) of class-types: rogue, warrior, priest, magician. They’re a blast to play and I am looking forward to being able to solo mobs that my rogue could never hope to.

My brother-in-law doing his thing … Slow shutter speeds kickass

Okay, I think I’ve geeked out enough for this entry. Now onto something else that I’m really looking forward to. My brother-in-law is the drummer for a band called Soul Census and they’re playing at a local lounge/bar. I absolutely love these guys and am hoping that sometime in the near future they get some more studio time and lay down some more tracks. If you’ve heard Incubus’ older stuff and like it I think you’ll dig them.

Well look at that, it seems so far I’ve been able to remain coherent, but I can feel the exhaustion creeping back. So before my entry does dribble into a mess I’ll wrap it up with a couple random thoughts …

  • I really need to get a new car.
  • My daughter is on the verge of walking.
  • 6 year wedding anniversary is coming up.
  • Also coming up on my last year of my twenties.
  • Need to hop on Xbox Live and play some Halo 2.