Escrow finally closed today … 7 days late. We were scared that CalFHA was going to eff us and not get the form we needed in time to sign and fax to the title company in New York. Which would have meant Mon/Tue for closing, which would also completely fuck our plans of painting and moving this weekend.

Alas, no worries … at least other than whether or not I’ll still be functional on Monday to go into work. Well, that and whether or not I’ll be functional enough to attend my classes which start back up on Monday. (English & History of Design this term).

So if you see a large white van with Iron Mountain all over it driving inbetween Elk Grove and Palo Alto, give me a wide berth. I might need it. ^^;


I’ve held off on posting about something major going on in my life simply because I didn’t want to jinx it. Now I think I can safely talk about it considering that tomorrow escrow closes on a single-family home that my wife and I are buying here in the Sacramento area. That’s right, I’m going to be a home owner officially tomorrow.

I don’t think we could have timed it any better considering that in the entry-level range there is some fierce competition going on. Many homes in the entry-level range have bottomed out and multiple offers are being placed in on them. The house we managed to snag is priced around a 6-8 year low ($165k) with it’s peak value being $320k back in ’06. On top of that, the bank, (it’s bank-owned), agreed to replace the roof and 2 windows and fix the sliding glass door wheels.

It was built in ’82 and is 1127 sq.ft with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It sits on an approximately 6k sq.ft lot so there is a decently sized backyard with a nice serene view. There are a number of things to be fixed and/or updated but nothing drastically critical.

Today we spent close to $900 on things such as paint, a kitchen faucet ($200 right there), a pendant candelier for the kitchen nook, and other odds n’ ends. We still need to buy a replacement front for the fireplace, new hardware for the front door, a garage door opener, probably a new dishwasher, new hinges for the cabinets, and … some other stuff.

I’ll be spending my evenings over at the house cleaning and getting things set up for painting on Saturday so that on Sunday we can move in to the house. It’s going to be a crazy busy weekend. 🙂