So yesterday was my first Father’s Day ever. Father’s definitely don’t get the same celebration as mother’s, but hey, they do have to deliver our children. Anyways, we went out to the IKEA in West Sac with the excuse of looking for a new salt/pepper shaker. We ended up leaving with a tunnel for our daughter to crawl through and a cheesecloth drape to hang over her crib.

Then we went to Best Buy to return the gift that my wife got for me for Father’s Day; a portable Sirius/MP3 radio. It was an awesome gift, but due to the fact that my car fucking sucks balls and I mostly listen to Jim Rome/Don and Mike while out on route, I didn’t forsee myself really being able to get $13/mo worth out of it.

After Best Buy we went over to put our name in line at Ramano’s Macaroni Grill. Estimated wait time for our party of 9 was supposed to be an hour, but ended up getting seated in about 30 mins or so. But that was the only real bright spot of the dining experience yesterday. The service absolutely sucked, after our order was taken, it took 60 minutes to get our meals out to us.

Finally we ended the night by heading over to Target to pick up a few items which included: onesies for my daughter, shoes for my daughter, some glass cleaner for my wife’s car, and Brain Age for my wife’s DS.

Brain Age is a wacky edutainment title that seems to have spawned about 7 or 8 knockoffs in Japan and might be the first edutainment title to break into “mainstream” acceptance. I have to admit that it is pretty fun challenging yourself to lower your brain’s age. I do have a major gripe, letter recognition. This morning when I tried to write as many of the 4 letter words I was supposed to memorize I ended up forgetting the majority of them as I futily attempted to write the same words over and over when the damned thing would confuse my letters.

We’ll have to see if this brain training actually works … I really could use some help with my short term memory … huh?

Meh …

So what do you do when you absolutely hate your job? You drink! Sadly I’ve fallen back into drinking. I get home and have no drive, so I just veg out, and after a day like today I decide to unwind with a few shots (so far only 2). After a day like today? Well I’ll explain it like this; what I imagined would happen is slowly starting to happen. You see, the brilliant minds running the company I work for have decided to relocate most of the document storage to a new warehouse location.

When this plan first surfaced I knew at some point in the future we’d be expected to load our media storage at the current location and then drive 20 mins to the other location and pick any document boxes we would need to deliver that day. Well today I got a small taste of that. When loading my boxes I noticed that I was short 4. Where were they? You guessed it, at the other location as they weren’t pulled yesterday.

Fortunately I didn’t have to drive all the way to the other location and pull these boxes, but still this hiccup has left a bad taste in my mouth. This will only continue to happen, and as previously stated, being expected to drive to the other location is only around the corner. *le sigh*

Ok, no more work ranting … let’s unwind, let’s talk about something else … anything else

I’ve been thinking about a suitable Father’s Day/Birthday present and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I would like a PSP. On those rare days that I have downtime having a PSP to spend that downtime with would be mighty enjoyable. I know I’ll continue to gripe about the lack of a 2nd analog nub, but there are games out for the PSP that aren’t console “ports” and designed specifically for on-the-go play.

Other than that I’ve been getting this urge to pick up Fable again. However now that the Lost Chapters have long been out, I’m holding out until I pick that up. One question for those that might know: can you convert your existing Fable save (ala Midnight Club 3 Remix) or do you have to start off fresh?

And finally, I have to comment on Ben Hamburgerface. What the hell was this idiot thinking? Riding a crotch-rocket without a helmet AND a license? He’s been told over and over again that he shouldn’t take the risk of riding to begin with, but to ride without a helmet? What a fucking jerk, he might have single handedly screwed the Steelers out of a potential playoff birth already.