Almost all of my pre-TBC gear has been replaced for my rogue. I’ve also respec’d again this time favoring a combat daggers build; at 70 my spread will be 15/41/5. At first I was regretting the decision to leave mutilate and its CP production behind, but then I discovered the joys of being able to CS > SnD (and if I time my ticks right or get a Potency proc) BS before CS wears off. SnD is key for Combat Potency to be at its most effective and now that the procs show up in the combat log/SCT it’s a lot easier to see just how effective this build can be.

Main issue that is holding my rogue back is that my daggers are starting to show their age. There are some pretty cool daggers availabe through rep-grinds but the realization that by the time I grind out the rep I’ll likely have even better daggers. That is of course dependant on my actually running some instaces in Outland. So far I’ve been far too distracted with questing to fit that in. Sometime soon, I hope, that’ll be remedied.

My quest for a chocobo has hit a snag in that the starting BE quests are subject to diminishing returns based upon level. Regardless my progression on this project has been going along pretty smoothly. Been receiving a decent amount of spillover from old world main faction rep gains, and when I’ve seen runecloth below 1g50s I usually snatch it up. As of last night I’m sitting at 7461/12000. Only just over 25k rep to go ^^;


Things are slowly beginning to look up for me, my wife will be taking a month of paid family leave which means I might finally get a chance to raid with my guild in the evenings. I’m a little undecided on whether I should take Schmelzen or Nevik to these raids, but right now I think I’m leaning towards the latter.

I recently respec’d Nevik to 20/31/0 after obtaining a [Sword of Zeal] enchanted with Crusader. Being that I’m not a raider, this acquisition was fairly substantial. I’m really enjoying Adrenaline Rush and Blade Flurry and the boost to my white dps has gone up quite a bit. Unless I can obtain some awesome daggers I might just stick with going as a sword-rogue. I’ve already told my guild that we need a rogue hordeside with Thunderfury and nominated myself to obtain it. ^^;

Picking up skinning again with my rogue has proven to be a good source of income. Even without a sustained market for Cured Rugged Hides I’ve been able to start earning some decent gold by disenchanting [Wicked Leather Headband] and selling the results. Between Schmelz and Nevik I have around 200g, which was about the most I’ve ever had. I’m unsure of what to do with it all, but suffice to say I should hold onto it and think about getting an epic mount.

Even better is that I think I’ve found balance to my WoW “addiction.” Outside of actually participating in an instance I find myself losing interest after 30-45mins of farming (pretty much the only thing I’ve been able to do for the past couple months). This has given me the opportunity to finally spend some time with games that I’ve been neglecting.

But alas, Hell’s Kitchen is on, so I better BUTTON IT. Ciao!