HDTV + NFL Football = Greatest thing ever! I came to the realization after tuning into the game that I’ll be watching the playoffs and Super Bowl in HD. How fucking cool is that? Even though I’m not a Patriots fan, I’m pretty happy that they’ve gone 16-0 for the season. No more pompous celebration by the ’72 Dolphins anymore.

Though, I do agree with Chris Collinsworth that if they don’t go 19-0, it will sour their perfect season. They have to win the Super Bowl in order to truly stick it to the Don Shula and his smug players.

Go evil empire! (I guess)


Christmas has come and gone and to some extent I’m happy that it’s over. Even though I managed a 4 day weekend, those 4 days were spent cleaning, cooking, eating, cleaning again, cleaning some more, eating, eating and more cleaning. Having company over instead of visiting means a lot of preperation and post clean-up, but it was a joyous if not busy 4 days.

This Christmas I found myself a bit spoilled in terms of receiving gifts from others. It started with my early present of an Xbox 360 Elite and Halo 3, and culminated with my parents surprising my wife and I with a 32″ HDTV and 5.1 home theatre system. Granting the television only ended up costing them $10.81 after a lengthy hassle with Best Buy.

How on earth did a 32″ cost less than a Jackson? My mother ended up winning a 26″ HDTV (I’m not sure from where) and discovered that the 32″ of the same brand was on sale for $10 more than the 26″. Both of my parents attempted to exchange the television (sans receipt, but there was a BB tag present on it) and only after numerous phone calls to corporate did the deal get approved.

I still have my 360 hooked up to my computer monitor considering where we placed the television I’d have to shell out moneyz for a wireless adaptor to connect to my router. Besides, I’d rather have my 360 hard-wired to the router anyways for a better and more consistant Live experience.

Other notables include a DVD box set of the five 49’ers Super Bowl victories, (ahhh memories), and a new hoodie with “No Bueno” across the front. Overall I’d have to say this has to be one of the best Christmas-essss I’ve had, especially in recent memory.

How did you all make out?