Of Hiatuses and Me

*Blink* Oh hey, look it’s been 2 months since my last update. Fun times have been had, well … no, actually not really. I hate to make apology posts, but alas there are times when things just don’t go your way and things fall by the wayside. You may have noticed that almost all of my pictures have broken themselves (other than the PvG post) and that is because I didn’t have the funds available to keep my web-space up.

Sad I know, but I assure you that soon I will have my own web-space and will work on migrating everything to the new host. Without a place to host my pictures for the blog, I found my motivation to keep up with the blog died along with my web-space. Thankfully I didn’t self-host my blog, so my blog is still alive and well … er, well it will be, again.

There’s one other thing that has pulled my attention away from the blog, the coming mini-cataclysm in my personal life: I’ll be a father once again with my son’s birth imminent. I say that with some trepidation as I know it’ll remain difficult for me to keep up with the blog. So if my updates continue to lag, I’m sorry, but I’m sure it’ll be understandable. I’ll do my best to check in with an update from time to time as things settle down. I’m going to be quite busy between my newborn son, Cataclysm, and this little project called The Overlores.

Happy Holidays and take care!


Oh LiveJournal how I’ve neglected you. I really didn’t mean to, it’s just you know … things come up and good intentions get sidetracked. Let’s put the past behind us and start again … I’m sure we can make things right.

So where do I begin? This blog has mainly served as a means of recording my activities with time-sucking MMOs and I seem to be at a stage at my life that MMOs are not the center of my gaming habits anymroe. I am (and have been since early Feb) once again on hiatus from Warcrack. This time feels a little different however; I am no longer daily keeping up on WoW news and even when I do, I feel like an outsider. Meaning I’m not feeling those same yearnings to come back.

It’s taken 4 years but I think I’m finally sick of WoW; don’t get me wrong … I loved WoW, but its just no longer for me … I think. I’ve never really been able to get the “most” out of WoW in terms of raiding; my life just isn’t set up to. There’d be some sense of envy when I’d sit on the sidelines while my guild would raid, but I always felt like a hinderance when I would get a chance to join a raid.

Needless to say now that I’m nearing 3 months of removal from WoW, I’ve been able to catch up on some of my backlog of console games gathering dust. Sadly though my habit of picking something up, getting deep into the game and then sitting it down continues. I’m near the end of Half-Life 2 and Fable 2 but I’ve been playing Street Fighter IV and just started Persona 3 (finally).

There’s still more to my backlog however; Drakengard 2, Dragon Quest VIII, Grandia 3, Grandia X-Treme, Magna Carta, MGS3 (sigh, yes), Radiata Stories, Rogue Galaxy, Last Remnant, FFTA2, and maybe I’ll try FFX-2 again. >.<! Yes, there’s enough to keep me busy for a very, very long time; not to mention upcoming titles that I’ll probably want to get as well. I know that once Diablo III drops, my intentions to get to those backlogged titles will get sidetracked ^^;

So what else have I been up to? Well my wife and I have really adopted Facebook into our lives and recently started twittering. With the recent acquisition of two Blackberry Curves our semi-obsession with social-networking has been strengthened. Poor Myspace has become a thing of our past it seems. I still check it from time to time, but Facebook has definitely become my favorite. (Hit me up via PM if you want to add me as a friend on Facebook)

Well I think that I’ve sufficiently given LJ some love for now. Next update I’ll try to focus in on Persona 3 and Street Fighter IV. Until then, adieu …