Approaching 60

Now before you jump to any conclusions I am most definitely not approaching the age of 60. Nor am I implying that I’m leveling yet another wizard that is approaching level 60 in Diablo 3. Well … I do have my hardcore wizard but she’s only level 34, hardly worth mentioning in terms of approaching the level cap.

What are you implying then?

My main wizard, Malnevicent, is sitting at paragon level 59 and is maybe four or five Act III farming runs away from having a new portrait embellishment. To put this is perspective of the whole paragon level grind, once she hits PL60 that is only 28.52% of the total experience required to reach the end, paragon level 100. Another interesting factoid is that leveling from PL90 to PL100 requires slightly less experience that it took from PL1 to PL60. If you want the exact percentage of the whole PL90 to PL100 is 27.13% of the total experience required.

So yah, still a ton of work to do to get to the fabled PL100 for my wizard. Will I make it? I’m sure somewhere down the road I will, but considering that the paragon leveling system has been around for just over 6 months it will be quite awhile before I’m scratching at that last “quarter” of the pie.

What about the monster power bonus xp buffs that came in 1.0.7?

You’re right. The buff that monster power bonus xp received in the latest patch was massively appreciated. I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my farming runs at MP3 which is a large part of how quickly I’ve been grinding through the 50s with my wizard. My wizard can handle MP4, but the decrease in killing speed and increased chances of a time-consuming death make MP3 a better fit. Granted my wizard still occasionally dies when cornered or the stars align or I’m not paying attention to what’s going on.

Then there’s the fact that I’m still picking up rares, gems, tomes and health potions. So you could say that my time isn’t quite as efficient as it could be while grinding xp, but what’s the rush? Also what good would it be to wait until PL100 before attempting to farm for great items? Sure, 99.9% of what drops is pure garbage but if I didn’t pick anything up and identify it, I might be missing out on that 0.1% item that dropped that could be worth millions of gold.

That being said, I haven’t had much luck with the RNG demon and 95% of the legendaries that have been dropping for me have been salvaged into fiery brimstones. Even more disheartening is the fact that I seem to be cursed with tons of Hellracks dropping, a completely worthless 2H crossbow. Where’s my Manticore? Witching Hour?

If the drops are as abysmal as you say, why are you still playing?

It might seem foolish that I continue to farm hoping for that amazing piece of loot to drop, but I don’t necessarily play for that reason. Sure, it’s a huge motivating factor as that next demon could drop a well-rolled Echoing Fury, or Mempo of Twilight, or … well you get the idea … but I continue to play because the game is FUN.

Even better is when my game time lines up with my good friends of the Shattered Soulstone community and we do fun things like full act clears, or Uber runs, or just shoot the shit on mumble, or play a game of “OH LOOK! DEATH WATCH MANTLES!”

While Diablo is, and always be, all about the loot it is also all about having fun. Fun with friends, fun with wacky builds, fun with commiserating with others about your horrible luck with RNG. As long as Diablo 3 remains fun, I shall play it and given that I’m now over 800+ hours invested, I doubt that the day I stop will be anytime soon. Besides, there’s always Maghda … alwayssssssss …

Trouble in Paradise

Perhaps I’ve been having rotten luck, but my experiences with the dungeon finder tool on Jubei’thos haven’t been all that pleasant. Besides the problem of disconnects by random party members, it seems I’m always running into your a-typical PUG player. You know the kind, the arrogant and impatient know-it-all that clearly can’t be bothered with the hint of any adversity. They’ll jump ship at the first sign of trouble even though we pull through in the end. Nope, they want to be carried and don’t want to take the time to explain fights, mechanics, etc to the greener players in the group.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to label the Vengeance battlegroup as horrifically awful when it comes to pugs, but I have had a string of painful dungeon runs with my troll rogue. It’s made finding the motivation to hop onto Jub Jub difficult. It’s becoming apparent that I may have to backtrack on the recent decision to level almost exclusively through the dungeon finder tool. Yet, it hasn’t been all that bad, just frustrating.

Countering the negativity, my troll rogue has been fairly lucky with drops and has successfully run Wailing Caverns a couple of times nearly completing the leather armor set. There’s just one little hiccup with the armor of the fang: my troll is not female. ^^;  Running around with my sides exposed in purple leather armor is not exactly … y’know … masculine. Sure if I were running around with a blood elf it would be perfect. (Note: I purposely didn’t specify gender, but now that I’ve spelled out the joke …)

Hi there level 20, I would love to be able to use a mount and poisons.

Another positive thing to come out of dungeon running is how quickly I burn through rested XP. Well I suppose that isn’t completely all that great since it usually only takes a dungeon or two to burn through it all, making dungeon running feel a bit grindy. So maybe in the end I will end up rethinking the exclusivity of leveling via dungeons. I’m particularly not looking forward to when my troll ends up having to run the graveyard wing of the Scarlet Monastery over and over and over …

But before I close out this entry, I just want to share a small piece of advice to all aspiring tanks out there: leave your dancing shoes at home. Since my troll rogue is leveling subtlety his damage is reliant on being positioned behind the enemy. If your tank decides he wants to try out his new dance moves you’re going to be in for a rough time. Yesterday I ran into Killurfamily from the Akama server and boy did he have happy feet.

I tried a couple of times to get him to cool his feet, but I suppose he just couldn’t contain his excitement for the Deadmines. I guess I can understand that. We did make it through the instance without a single wipe, and other than losing two healers to the disconnect monster (suspiciously I might add) the run was rather uneventful. My rogue happened to ding 21 during the run and picked up a nice OH dagger from Sneed’s Shredder.

So all in all, not too bad. Now if only I could speed up the leveling process to decrease the disparity between my dwarf and my troll.


As so many times before my blog went through another hiatus, but this time it has come out on the other end on a completely different blogging service. Farewell LiveJournal, you’ve served me well, but this mistress named WordPress is better … in every single possible way. From widgets to easily accessible stat tracking WordPress offers everything that I didn’t realize that I wanted and couldn’t get from LiveJournal.

This move might be just the motivation or change that I’ve been needing to become a regular blogger. So far I’m loving all of the utility that WordPress offers at my fingertips. Better yet I didn’t have to leave my 162 blog posts from LiveJournal behind dating back to 2004 when I started my LJ blog for Final Fantasy XI.

Over the next few weeks I may not post new blogs regularly as I’ll be trying to go back through my archives and get them categorized and possibly tagged. If you’re a newer viewer/reader of my blog, you might get a kick out of digging through my archives. There are plenty of n00b moments in there as I was going through my oldest of entries.

Overall the theme of my blog will remain the same: random gaming and life. I have no ambition to turn this blog into a repository of theory-crafting or change into a RP blog (I’m definitely not a RPer). If you enjoy reading about the exploits of -semi-hardcore gamer hopefully this blog will be fun for you. If not that’s fine, it’s a personal diary of sorts for me to reflect upon. Which gives me an idea or theme that I might blog about: reflecting on old entries and how they contrast to my current life, in-game and out.