Hell Freezes Over

Have you looked at a calendar recently? We are now just over a week away — ten days to be exact — from the end of days. We will all be called back to Sanctuary to face the Lord of Terror once more. Are you prepared?

Have you stocked up on enough snacks, coffee/soda and eye drops? Have you prepared an apology note/letter to your spouse, significant other, and/or children? Are you prepared to not stop until you have defeated the Lord of Terror is no more? Are you?

I am.

Welllll, okay … I will be taking breaks — I have responsibilities that cannot be ignored — but rest assured I will not be satiated until Diablo lies at my sorceress’ wizard’s feet as a smoldering corpse. And then I will jump right into Nightmare. And then Hell. And then … well you get the idea, right?

I know I can’t be the only one quivering with anticipation, right?

Diablo II consumed me. I couldn’t stop thinking about slaying demons and dreaming of those sweet, sweet loots. Just one more pack. Just one more area. Just one more act. Just one more … dangerous soul-consuming addiction.

I need my Diablo fix. I need to satisfy my never-ending appetite for LEET LOOT. I need to ZAP demons with lightning. I need to smell their demise. I need, I need, I need …

… to not lose my soul.

Joking aside I am trying to decide upon my gameplan for Diablo III beyond focusing mainly on my wizard. I mean obviously the wizard is going to be my main focus, but what will I work on beyond her? Do I get my ME-SMASH on and go with the barbarian? Or do I go with the agile punch-things-in-the-face monk? I also need to decide on whether or not my secondary character will be used solely for Shattered Soulstone gaming nights.

Then there’s the decision of what skills to use. Do I stick to only lightning spells? Do I go with a melee wiz? Do I mix things up every now and then depending on what is most effective at the time? Or do I just try everything and experiment?

What are your plans? I’d love to hear everyone’s plans … that is if you’re not planning on rolling with a puke doctor. ^^; Better yet, why not send an email to show@shatteredsoulstone.com to let me know and we (Breja, Jen or myself) will read it on the air.

A Long Strange Trip

Now before you congratulate me on obtaining a hot pink proto-drake, that’s not the long strange trip I’m referring to. That achievement is something I’ve long given up on given the stress involved and my propensity to take extended breaks from the game, especially during in-game events.

No, that’s definitely not the long strange trip I’m talking about. Rather I am talking about the fact that just today, 5 months after Cataclysm’s launch, I reached the level cap with a second toon. Now that in of itself isn’t all that newsworthy considering the relative ease of breezing through Cata’s 80-85 content nor is the fact that it took me this long to have a second max level toon interesting. What is interesting, however, is with which toon I accomplished this with.

Who did you hit level 85 with? C’mon telllllllll me! Ugh, the anticipation …

Alright, I’ll spill the beans. No need to keep you writhing in pain from the anticipation any longer. That’d just be mean of me, right?

… /glare

Tell Me WHO IT IS!

Oh, right! Let me get on with it …

Today my Draenei mage, Aiom, on Winterhoof dinged 85 while out in the Twilight Highlands while making preparations for a wild, raucous Wildhammer wedding.

Okay … why exactly is this interesting?

Well the main reason this is interesting is the fact that I now have a max level Horde and Alliance toon. Going into Cataclysm I was pretty positive that my second max level toon was going to be my Orc death knight, or maybe even my oft-neglected Undead priest.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that I’ve almost completely abandoned my toons on Cenarius in pursuit of getting my mage to the max level. I haven’t logged in to my Troll rogue for more than a few minutes over the past couple of months and haven’t made any progress with his gear and reputations since I shelved him prior to my most recent break from the game.

I'm still FOR THE HORDE! (Of course)

I suppose my interest in getting my mage to 85 had a lot to do with the fact that she’s in the forgotten Ctrl Alt Wow guild on Winterhoof. It’s as if I felt compelled to spend all of my time there in a vain attempt to keep the guild from folding completely. Yet in all honesty, I think it may have been more the fact that mages are a ton of fun to play that kept me logging into her.

So now that you’ve hit 85 with your mage what are you going to do?

I’m not completely sure, but currently I have zero interest in getting her geared enough to run heroics … at least not yet. I could run normals to get her some better gear, but for the time being I’ll probably just end up doing the dailies that I can to improve her reputation. She still needs to do all of Hyjal and Uldum, so there’s that as well.

Once tier 11 is moved to justice point vendors I’ll probably get the itch to run heroics, but I’m not sure if all of t11 will be available in this fashion. Hopefully Blizzard and/or someone else can shed some light on exactly what patch 4.2 will mean for JP vendors.

I also need to figure out my professions on Winterhoof as well considering I don’t have the same foothold on this aspect of the game on Winterhoof. Will I drop herbalism for enchanting? That’s a question I’ll have to muse over for some time. I do have a couple of alts on the server to sort out and I’m sure with my mage being 85, my death knight will be getting a lot more play time.

It’s still amazing to think that a toon I rolled back in the doldrums of the Burning Crusade in an attempt to play with my sister who has long left the game is now my second level 85. Crazy times indeed.


These past couple of weeks have been an utter nightmare. Had a driver and coordinator get themselves terminated for something exceptionally stupid AND then the driver that was going to cover the vacant route went and hurt himself good. So I became the coverage driver for a route that I had no clue about and worse yet in the outlying regions of Sacramento that I have a shred of knowledge about.

But that’s not all, no … of course not. Our remaining coordinator got exceptionally sick and was out 3 or 4 days, which meant an already skeleton-crew got even thinner. So my 10 hour workdays quickly became 12 with a couple of 14 hour shifts tossed in for good measure. I sure as hell didn’t work my ass for my company though … another half-assed review with a raise less than half of last year’s ensured I no longer care about the corporation I work for. No, I didn’t do it for the company, I did it for my coworkers stuck in the same shitty position.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad to be employed, got a raise, and even still get bonus checks when we hit our financial goals. It’s just that if my manager doesn’t feel like giving me a review, then just say “here’s your yearly wage adjustment” and be done with it. I’d have far more fucking respect for the fucker if that went down instead of being told “you’ve only been fully integrated in our culture for 2 years and still have a lot to learn” and “I expect that you’ll receive more ‘exceeds expectations’ next year.”

FUCK YOU >.< That’s the same shit I heard last year, except it was phrased “due to the database conversion and the lack of information in regards to your performance we decided to not penalize you and give you marks down the middle for everything.” So yeah … they can take their “meets expectations” and stick up their fucking collective asses. I don’t trust anyone higher than my last remaining coordinator; everyone above that level is a lying piece of shit.

But I have digressed and vented enough … for now. In my exhaustion I have renewed motivation to finally get my portfolio site up and running with a shiny new coat of paint. Design is where my heart is and I need to follow that otherwise my blog will become nothing more than a “FUCK YOU IRON MOUNTAIN” blog. So I hope to have some good news on that front soon.

Since the topic of this blog entry is dedication I figure I’ll awkwardly segue into a relevation that makes me exceptionally happy. July 1, 2010 will mark my 10th wedding anniversary with my mamacita. I really don’t know where I’d be without her support and love. We always planned on renewing our vows at some point, so if we’re financially able to, we are planning to do so next year. If not next year, definitely for our 15th anniversary. Instead of a traditional “western wedding” we’re going to opt for a Japanese style wedding.

I’ve always wanted to buy my Tinaboo a kimono, so why not two? One for the ceremony and one for the reception. I definitely wouldn’t mind having a formal kimono of my own, just not sure about the shoes ^^; My daughter will look extremely cute in one as well! I can only imagine what my mother-in-law’s reaction will be when we break the news to her … that it’ll be a Japanese ceremony.

Now the question remains … to renew our vows in english, or japanese? o.O