Broken Records but not Promises

Here we are again as we have been sooo many times before … another lengthy lapse in posting to my blog. Should we go through the usual half-apology, half-explanation?

Naaaah, we understand. Really we do. Really. /eyeroll

No? Okay. Let’s get back in to the swing of things and type out some words for you, my dear oft-neglected readers (which number in the tens? ^^; )

It would pretty fantastic if there were some awesome news to report on why I haven’t blogged since the middle of July, but there isn’t. Between conditions at work becoming increasingly stressful and my free-time disappearing to tending to my almost eleven month old son I just haven’t been able to get in to the proper mindset to sit down and type. Often instead of trying to push my brain into semi-functional half-coherent rambling-mode I’d opt to log into WoW and do dailies. Something mindless, something to take my mind off the stresses of the day.

Wait, I thought you weren’t going to explain your lapse. What are you doing?

Good point. I can’t break bad habits, so you’re just going to have to deal with that. Errr, well I mean it has been almost FOUR months since I last posted something, I feel like the least that I could do is give a little bit of an explanation.

Fair enough. Carry on, carry on.

As I was stating what I’ve mainly been up to isn’t much of anything, just the usual boring stuff. Well, that isn’t to imply that watching my son grow has been boring, which it hasn’t … quite to the contrary … just that mostly everything else (that I would blog about) hasn’t been outside of the norm. I completed the arduous task of completing the Molten Front dailies on both of my 85s (mage/rogue) and got both my DK on Nevikhoof and shadow priest on Cenarius into Cata-content.

Speaking of my poor, poor shadow priest when I dusted her off I was having a heck of a time trying to kill things out in Storm Peaks. Killing a single mob took a healthy chunk of her mana and if there was an add … forget about it. It was like I had forgotten how to play a shadow priest and I was having horrific flash-backs to when I tried going OOMkin with my druid in Outland. Then, I noticed something … something incredible … something HORRIFYING …

What? What’s in the box?

Points for the Seven reference, that is a fantastic movie. I think I’ll have to watch that again here in the near future.

*Cough* Ahem *Cough*

Oh right, what’s in the box. Got it.

What I noticed was that somehow I had leveled my priest up to level 78 (where I left her long before Cataclysm launched) without GLYPHS!

Oh … my … words are failing me … woooooooooow ….

I know, right? Crazy.

After rectifying that little issue my priest went back to melting faces without issue, until she hit the speed-bump named Vashj’ir. One does not simply walk into Mordor … errr I mean Vashj’ir decked out in Wrath leveling greens and blues. You’ll get your face smashed in by the tremendous iLvl leap when jumping into Cata-content as a fresh level 80. If you recall, that was one of my worries prior to Cata’s launch but after visiting the auction house and dumping 800g to replace a good chunk of her gear she was back in action.

Quick aside, my DK on Nevikhoof didn’t experience a similar issue when questing through Hyjal … then again she is a blood DK and was able to over-power everything tossed at her in Wrath, therefore having slightly better gear when making the jump.

Anyhoo, once my priest hit 81 and trained mind spike her play-style changed dramatically. Instead of having a compelling and fun rotation, all she needed to do was toss mind spike three times and then mind blast. Essentially she went from being a warlock to an arcane mage, only without having to worry about her mana pool to deal ALL THE DAMAGE.

Booooo hissssss!

I tried going back to using the old rotation but it couldn’t keep up with the damage output of the new two button gameplay. Well … there is occasionally the need to toss in a shadow word: death when the mob didn’t fall over from boredom. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my priest. I’ve tried playing as an arcane mage and quickly grew so bored of it that I went back to frost but there isn’t another DPS option for me to fall back onto.

Wait. Did you just try to state that FROST is a viable DPS option for Mage? Are you mad?

Yes, and yes. However let’s not side-track this post into debunking the myth that frost mages can’t dish out the DPS … they can.

Fine. I’ll let you live in your little fantasy bizarro world where frost mages deal damage.

Thank you, I think.

Other than preferring the mindlessness of what I’ve been doing in-game I have spent a smidgen of time on my other neglected alts. My dwarf rogue and tauren paladin have seen some playtime, but not really enough to warrant writing about. My mage has gone back on PVP-hiatus potentially until 4.3 when fire mages finally get some love so there’s nothing there to write about unless you want to hear about how I’ve taken her back to the Argent Tournament to become a Crusader.

Naaah, that’s so last expansion. Sounds like you’re wrapping things up?

Indeed I am, but before I do there is news on the podcasting front. Awhile back I was approached by Medros, the mad-man behind Dawnforge Productions, to start a Diablo podcast for his network. Considering my love of the Diablo franchise how could I not say yes? I mean, Diablo was my first true gaming addiction before World of Warcraft came around. Alas the Shattered Soulstone was born, a podcast for all of the loot-crazy deviants like myself, Breja and Jen.

Wait. What about The Overlores?

Don’t fret, The Overlores is still happening, just not as frequently as it once was. As you might deduce from the lack of activity on my blog, things have been hairy for getting together and making the magic of the Overlores happening. Rilandune, Kharendos and myself are still committed to putting out shows for you to consume so do not lose hope. Never lose hope … I haven’t.

With that I think I’ll call this a wrap. There’s still plenty of things that I would like to write about, especially about Mists of Pandaria and how excited I am about the prospect of being a troll monk. And then there’s the little thing called DC Universe Online going free-to-play, but that’s better suited for a post of its own … eventually.

I’m Batman!


Are you ready for patch 3.3? I’m not. Well, I am … but I don’t have my toons positioned where I’d like them to be for 3.3. I was hoping to have my priest up to 80 and to have better gear on my DK for tanking PUGs using the dungeon finder tool. It’s not the end of the world though, far from it. Gearing up will be far easier after patch 3.3 than before it. I cannot wait to experience the new 5-mans and chain-run heroics on both my rogue and DK slowly obtain t9 gear along the way.

With the changes to how deadly poison works I’m wishing I had better daggers to switch over to my mutilate dual-spec. Then again, there is the Quel’delar quest chain with that sexy sword to keep me primarily running as a combat rogue. I’ll need to look through the loot tables for the 5-mans and plan out what I should be aiming for.

Similarly I’ll be running into the issue of DPS’ng or tanking as my DK. Neither his DPS or tanking set are spectacular, but he’s geared well enough that I’ll be comfortable taking him as DPS into the new 5-man heroics. His tanking set is ready for tanking heroics, but I’m not comfortable with attempting heroic Trial of the Champion yet since he’s just shy of 28k hp unbuffed. That might be good enough but considering that I’m still extremely green at this tanking stint, I’d feel more comfortable getting his hp over the 30k mark before jumping into random heroics as a tank.

Then there’s my priest. She’s still sitting at level 77 and in need of a lot of work. I’m planning on eventually transferring her off of Cenarius to find a new home on Jubei’thos, but I’d like to get her to supply my toons with glacial bags before she leaves. I also need to buy her a dual-spec so I can keep her shadow for solo content and disc for pvp/5-mans.

So much to do, at least Cataclysm is still a long ways off. ^^;


Just when I thought the final nail had been hammered into the WoW coffin, Blizzard jump-started my excitement over the game. Well at least I’m at the point where I know I’ll be plunking down an exorbitant amount of bones to pick up the collector’s edition of the expansion. Why this renewed interest when it seemed I had come back whole-heartedly to console gaming?

Two words: Vampiric Touch.

The revised preview of what is in store for shadow priests made me giggle with glee (in a macho manly way of course). I’m eternally grateful that the developers listened to what they knew to be right and replaced the 41 pt heal with something that we actually needed: raid desirability. And not only did they give a mana leech, we also get a pet that helps regain mana every 5 minutes. Thank you Blizzard!

Cenarius go boom.

After an exhausting 11 hour day at work I come home only to find that Cenarius has blown up (or something) and won’t be back online until 12:00 AM PDT. So woe is trying to do anything WoW related tonight, but that gives me no excuse to not update my journal … finally.

So where to begin? Well, let’s keep the WoW ball rolling …

I’ve been spending as much time as I can afford into pvp’ng with Schmelzen. After the glorious v1.10 patch I did indeed respec to holy/disc. It’s a complete departure in playstyle from when Schmelz was shadow spec’d, but I think overall being holy/disc makes any BG team I’m on better. At first I thought Spirit of Redemption was going to be an incredibly useful for BGs, but in practice it was difficult to make use of. So after a respec I dove a little deeper into the discipline tree for Imp. Inner Fire and the Spirit buff.

Eventually I may respec for a holy-dps build, but that will require obtaining a lot of gear that I pretty much don’t have any time to get. ^^ Oh well, being a healbot hasn’t been as bad as I once thought it might be as I have an important role in WSG escorting the flag carrier.

After the month of focusing on pvp I’ve gotten Schmelzen up to rank 7 and will hopefully continue working for my goal of rank 11. Achieving 11 for a 90g elite mount would uber snazzy. I have no intentions of ever going any higher mainly because of the flawed honor system.

I’ve also broken my Alterac Valley cherry. At first AV was a chaotic mishmash and I hated it. I kept at it and now AV has grown on me much like a fungus. Yet I still find myself wanting to reach through the internet and punching peoples in the face for either not listening, and/or just being an asshat; “It’s just a game, have fun.”

Oh yes, I think we ALL know that it is a game. But seriously, AV ain’t much fun when the horde does nothing but defend/turtle. There’s far better honor/rep in going offense, but I digress. These “casual” pvp’ers do nothing other than to waste everyone else’s time. That’s why I and like-minded others get upset.

But yeah, in general the horde on Cenarius get their asses handed to them the majority of time in AV. In part to said reluctance to listen to those who know how to win, part because of gear, and finally because dumbfucks don’t understand how to treat objectives with PvE in-mind. (Yes that means you tanks, you actually have to tank those NPCs you love to aggro). Once I hit exalted with Frostwolf I’ll probably bow out from AV unless I want a “world-pvp” fix.

And with that I think I’ll end my entry.

Sweet Mercy

Praise be to Yevon that it’s finally over … (Click to enlarge)

I never imagined it possible but mercifully the grind to getting exalted with Thunder Bluff with my face-melting priest Schmelzen is over. I had anticipated that I’d get somewhat close, at least enough so that with heavy quest grinding (as much as there is for TB rep 40-49) I’d be able to grind away with Morrowgrain at level 47 to reach my lofty goal.

I received a lot of support from my guild in the form of encouragement and donations and without either of those, this definitely wouldn’t have come to fruition. How absurd is it to have a cross-faction mount at level 40?! Well, in actuallity Schmelzen is still only level 39 so she can’t even train to ride a kodo just yet. But in approximately 24 winning games of AB or WSG she’ll level to 40.

Even if Cenarius had picked up the pace and locked down the higher level AQ war supply turn-ins I still had the Lunar Festival to fall back on. 50 Horde reputation per coin? Providing that you can get all 50, that’s a total of 2500 rep for each faction; 10,000 rep in total!?! And even withstanding that, Schmelz didn’t have to fall back onto getting coins for reaching the goal having only collected 17 coins.

So now that it is finally over, only a the issue of scraping together the necessary gold to get the kodo remains. That shouldn’t be hard at all as I’ll probably continue to farm (lightly/casually) mageweave and just sell whatever greens come from the supply chests. (Note: I actually received a number of blues from all the turn-ins) Not to mention I’d still like to get my troll rogue riding a wolf, but not nearly as much as I wanted to get my priest on a kodo.

Other than that, its time to hit up the BGs like there’s no tomorrow as I have a new lofty goal for Schmelz, hitting at least rank 10 to wear the pvp armor set. >.<!!!!

Time for some effort …

It’s been an awefully long time since I last updated my journal. I’ve really been meaning to do this a lot sooner, I really have, but you know how life can be.

As the new year approached I found myself slowly growing less attached to WoW and thought that once my game card expired that I’d take a break. Well that was before patch 1.9 and the war effort, or as I like to call it “FREE reputation, gold, and enchanting supplies.” Well I’m using “free” loosely here as in it doesn’t cost anything other than time; precious, precious time.

While I haven’t been farming 100% of my playtime in WoW, it has secured me into at least another month before taking a break from it all. I feel compelled to take advantage of the easily attained rep for my face-melter. How cool would it be for her ride into battle atop a kodo? Especially if it were even remotely feasible by level 40? As such my PvP time with Schmelzen has stagnated with the only action I caught this week being a quick match of WSG where she nabbed the #2 position for total killing blows and honor kills.

So at least until the war effort is completed and the gates of Ahn’Qiraj are opened, I’ll probably be farming mageweave. Happy hunting.