As so many times before my blog went through another hiatus, but this time it has come out on the other end on a completely different blogging service. Farewell LiveJournal, you’ve served me well, but this mistress named WordPress is better … in every single possible way. From widgets to easily accessible stat tracking WordPress offers everything that I didn’t realize that I wanted and couldn’t get from LiveJournal.

This move might be just the motivation or change that I’ve been needing to become a regular blogger. So far I’m loving all of the utility that WordPress offers at my fingertips. Better yet I didn’t have to leave my 162 blog posts from LiveJournal behind dating back to 2004 when I started my LJ blog for Final Fantasy XI.

Over the next few weeks I may not post new blogs regularly as I’ll be trying to go back through my archives and get them categorized and possibly tagged. If you’re a newer viewer/reader of my blog, you might get a kick out of digging through my archives. There are plenty of n00b moments in there as I was going through my oldest of entries.

Overall the theme of my blog will remain the same: random gaming and life. I have no ambition to turn this blog into a repository of theory-crafting or change into a RP blog (I’m definitely not a RPer). If you enjoy reading about the exploits of -semi-hardcore gamer hopefully this blog will be fun for you. If not that’s fine, it’s a personal diary of sorts for me to reflect upon. Which gives me an idea or theme that I might blog about: reflecting on old entries and how they contrast to my current life, in-game and out.