I underestimated the Burning Crusade and Blizzard in general. TBC has securely rejuvenated my interest in the game just by the shear amount of new content there is. It’ll be a few months before either of my two 60s hit 70. Not to mention the time I’m spending leveling up my blood elf paladin. In fact, that has pretty much all I’ve done so far. But before I elaborate on my TBC exploits I have to give respect to Blizzard.

Ouch! It took over an hour to log in Tuesday night

Blizzard has surprised me with the uptime Cenarius has been enjoying. Sure the queues the first 2 nights were insane, but I didn’t imagine that there’d be a queue at all on account of the server being completely down. The initial reaction to the queues were met with irritation amongst most of the server, but I embraced it. It shows just how far Blizzard has come in terms of understanding their 800lb gorrilla and the ravenous hordes that’d be clamoring to play.

In response to the excessive queues Blizzard has opened transfers from Cenarius and it seemingly is having an effect on the queues. Tonight when logging in at 6pm PST I was met only with a queue of 330. ~15 mins later I was back in Azeroth with my blood elf paladin.

My netherwhelp will go everywhere my paladin does.

I picked up my collector’s edition at my local EB around 12:12am or so Tuesday morning. There was actually a much larger turnout for the midnight release than I anticipated. As I drove into the parking lot I was amazed that a substantial line had formed along the storefronts next to EB. Fortunately though I made it back home around 12:20 and by 1am had TBC installed, patched, and my account upgraded.

Sunstrider Isle floored me with just how beautiful the zone was. Even with the expansion being a mere 3 hours old in the states by the time I zoned in, there were elves just about everywhere. Unfortunately a lot of noobish stupidly named elves dominated most of the zone, but this much I anticipated. Around level 8 I decided that even withstanding the beauty and freshness of the zone that I had enough. I made my way into Silvermoon and took the Orb of Translocation to Undercity.

Why would I subject myself to the dullness of the UC starting zone? I have an undead steed to earn afterall! At level 13, Aiom is sitting just a mere 31k rep away from being exalted. Still a very tall order even with the unnerfed rep gains. I imagine a lot of cloth turn-ins will be required as I near 40, and that there’s a very good chance I’ll have to wait until 60 to get an undead steed. At least getting a headstart on this project means less competition for quest mobs ^^;

And that sums my TBC experiences as limited as they’ve been. I haven’t even stepped foot into Outland yet. Maybe this weekend I’ll make it a point to do so, but I’ve got a lot of work to do with my paladin. Both blacksmithing and jewelcrafting are sitting at 1, and I haven’t touched my mining druid in quite some time.

But I’m not concerned with getting everything done at once. I want to soak things in and truly enjoy the experience. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.


Although it’s still very early, I’d figure I’d transpose my plans for the Burning Crusade so that I can later compare them to what I actually end up doing. So what will be the first thing I do after installing BC? Will it to be take Nevik to Outland, or Schmelzen? I’d imagine that Outland is going to be lag-city with everyone and their mom (well at least in one case within my guild this will hold true) trample over each other to get through the Dark Portal. (I wonder what Medivh will have to say about this strange turn-of-events.)

I would also imagine that Quel’thalas will be overrun and considering that I hate crowds I think I pretty much only have one option; begin my BE paladin Aiom’s career elsewhere. Fortunately I am planning on having my paladin ride an undead steed as opposed to a warhorse or cockatrice. Nothing says badass more than a paladin on an undead horse, right?

As for jewelcrafting I once planned on Nevik dropping skinning for it, but now I’ve nixxed that idea. Instead Aiom will take up both jewelcrafting and blacksmithing which means I also need to get off my ass and level up my druid for mining. The main reasoning for not picking up mining to compliment jewelcrafting is the fact that maybe the BoP armor that a Master Armorsmith can make in the expansion will be worthwhile, especially since they’re supposed to have sockets.

Now obviously at some point my urge to see Outland and its vastness will creep up and I’ll trudge through the lag and fight tooth n’ nail with the millions of alliance punks to kill quest mobs and whatnot. It’ll be hard to not fight this urge, so I’ll have to concede that probably within a week or two my paladin will take a back seat while I bounce between Nevik and Schmelzen as rest XP allows.

So that’s my plan at the moment, it’ll be interesting to see how many times I change my mind before the expansion hits.