Never Say Never

Don’t worry folks, this isn’t going to be a blog post about Justin Bieber, though would that really be so awful? No, this is about how I swore up and down (especially with the difficulties my wizard experienced in Nightmare) that never would I play a hardcore character. Granted I dabbled in hardcore months ago for a gaming night with folks from the Shattered Soulstone community, but that was with the express intent of dying. Never would I actually consider it as something that I would actively care about.

Well folks, somehow all that changed.

Now before all you hardcore purists get too awfully excited I do not want to oversell my interests in playing hardcore. I still have yet to experience my first death so I’m not sure how I will react to it, especially if I get pretty far. So far my hardcore wizard is progressing slowly and carefully and I can honestly say that it feels like I’m playing a “new” game.

I’ve had maybe one or two close calls so far and I think I’m starting to get the allure of it. Again, though, this may change after my first death but there’s something about knowing if you die that’s it. As such I’ve built and geared my wizard differently than I would where death just means a small monetary and time loss. I value gear that’s heavy on VIT and other defensive bonuses over DPS focused stats. I’m also (re)learning to love and use Wave of Force to either push enemies away or reflect projectiles back at their launchers.

Did you know that you can actually reflect Diablo’s fireballs back at (s)him? I didn’t until I tried it when I cleared Normal with my wizard. It’s a lot of fun even if it doesn’t damage Diablo.

Almost feels like Burning Crusade all over again.

Now that my wizard is in Act I Nightmare I’ve slowed the pace at which I’ve been pushing with her. Her survivability is pretty decent, but her damage output is just low enough that slow and careful is the name of the game. As it should be, right?

Not having a sugar daddy/mommy to twink out my wizard has me wondering if I should go back and start a secondary hardcore wizard just in case. Also to free up some more stash space being clogged with gear that I’ve saved along the way just in case. It’s weird to be in this position of not having gold and stash space again. It’s also just as weird that I’m approaching playing hardcore with the mentality of just in case. Does this signify a true transition to the hardcore lifestyle?

I’m not sure what it means, but I will definitely keep everyone updated. I am, however, pretty certain that I will not be giving up playing for fun where a death doesn’t mean hours and hours of invested time go down the drain. I still play a little too carelessly for that, especially in Inferno. There are also times where is prefer to just “veg out” and not have to stress over making silly mistakes.

Creamer with a Hint of Coffee

Odd title, yes? I know. I’m strange, but that’s a good thing, right? Especially for a blogger because otherwise you all might be BORED TO TEARS while reading my blog. Well, okay. I shouldn’t oversell my oddness, I’m not really that odd. In fact in some ways I’m actually pretty normal in most aspects of my life … but WAIT … OH MY … what did I do? I just completely derailed the opening paragraph of this blog post.


Before I attempt, fruitlessly, to get this back on track I suppose I should explain the title. I love coffee creamer, especially of the hazelnut variety and especially if it’s from Lucerne. I love it so much that I usually put a pretty hefty amount of creamer into my coffee, especially of the iced variety. So naturally my wife always likes to give commentary on my coffee drinking habits by asking “Are you going to have any coffee with your creamer?”

You see, I’m that guy who likes coffee, but doesn’t like coffee. I can’t drink it black, nor with only sugar and milk. There needs to be some flavor there to mask the bitterness. Now don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate the bitterness of coffee, but I just like there to be something there worth it, preferably hazelnutty which is another short anecdotal story that I feel like sharing.

See, I’m sharing. It’s the Nevik sharing the semi-intimate details of his life post that everyone craves every now and then. Right? The sweet nutty details of my inner-workings should give everyone a better insight to just how goofy and odd I can be.

Anyhoo, back to the anecdote.

Prior to meeting my wife I was a french vanilla guy. Wait, no not that far back. My transition to a hazelnut guy was a bit more recent with the purchase of my home. French vanilla was my go-to when it came to coffee flavors. I think back in those days I was a bit more outwardly odd with happily dying my hair every shade of the rainbow (not all at once, mind you) and blasting industrial bands such as Front 242, Wumpscut, and Ministry out of my car so craving something so vanilla was my balance in life.

Did I just equate coffee to being my balance? Whoa. That’s not right. I didn’t even drink a whole lot of coffee back then, but when I did, it was flavored with french vanilla.

WAIT. I’m forgetting something.

I didn’t just jump from french vanilla to haznelnut. No, no I did not. I think there was a vanilla caramel phase that bridge that gap. Yet that doesn’t explain how I got there and why I mentioned my wife as being instrumental in my becoming a hazelnut guy. See, at the time my wife was all about hazelnut creamer in her coffee and one day she secretly conspired to make me love hazelnut too.

Okay, I’m fibbing. She didn’t force me to like it. I tried it once and thought “hmmm, this is pretty tasty” but didn’t instantaneously convert. It took several weeks, if not months, before I fully switched over and now that I have, I can never go back. Believe me, I’ve tried. There’d be those moments at work when ALL THE HAZELNUT was gone and all that was left was french vanilla. Yah, those were not good moments at work, which reminds me of one other important fact: I despire room temperature Coffeemate creamers. They’re horrid. Pretty much Lucerne or go home for me.

Yes, I’m odd and this post was purely inspired by my iced hazelnut coffee that I consumed while writing this. Thank you iced hazelnut coffee, you’re the best. You really are.