Unexpected Generosity

A couple weeks back I put together some artwork for Skolnick of the incredible mini-podcast Warcraft Less Traveled out of sheer love for the show [Note: As of this post the work I did has yet to go live].  I told him as such and that I didn’t expect anything in return other than a small nod for my work simply because him and his show deserved a fitting facelift to take his show to the next level  (his words, not mine as I feel he’s already done that).

It was another project that I could add to my portfolio (if I ever finish that site) and to me that alone is payment enough for my efforts. Needless to say I was floored when I received an email from Blizzard alerting me that I had been gifted Mr. SnufflesMcMeowMeow (Hi Shade!) aka the Winged Guardian. I was flabbergasted and extremely happy since I had planned on buying the mount eventually when the finances allowed.

I promptly thanked Skolnick for his incredible generosity and planned on putting something together to do the gift justice to adequately express my gratitude. This is where this blog entry comes into play … another art-filled post showing off the majesty of the flyion. (Once again you can click on the images to see the full-size version)

It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

I’m horde through and through and even though I’m not an alliance-hater, it feels a little weird playing my dwarf rogue. Sure, I have a draenei mage still over on Whisperwind and even had a human death knight there for some time before a faction/server change, but those were toons I created to have on the server my sister played on. It felt alien to me to play as the other side and after my sister decided to stop playing, I found very little motivation to keep playing those toons.

Yet, this time around with my dwarf my horde-centric mindset is faltering and I’m finding myself embracing my dwarf. Perhaps it’s just the aspect of playing as a dwarf that has resonated with me, but I’ve actually found myself cursing hordies ganking and griefing my alliance brethren on Winterhoof. Those DIRTY blood elves!

*Gasp* Did I …? Yes, I did.

Well, come to think of it, I have never really been all that fond of blood elves if only because their introduction brought the kiddies to the horde. I kid, I kid. Sure they are pretty, even the males, and while I love my tankadin, there’s something off about having a blood elf amongst my trolls, orcs, tauren, and undead. But I digress …

My dwarf has been spending a lot of time among the human lands in an attempt to level through lands my draenei didn’t touch. As such he’s been questing through the Redridge Mountains and has made steady progress with the tasks asked of him from the folks of the sleepy town of Lakeshire. He’s gotten his fill of gnolls, orcs, and murlocs (oh my!) but there’s still much to be done.

Fortunately my dwarf’s skill with killing and not being killed has steadily increased with the addition of dismantle and rupture. Dismantle has given my dwarf another tool to deal with armed enemies, especially when adds are unavoidable and rupture has proven invaluable with runners when being unable to get the jump on them with a garrote. Ambushing green enemies for 70-90% of their health on a crit makes me cackle with glee every time.

There’s been a lot of back n’ forth between Lakeshire and Stormwind and even though it is a lot less painful with a mount, it’s still painful. Stormwind is a gorgeous capital city, but the layout of the city is excruciatingly frustrating. To think that I used to have a hard time getting around in Undercity is humorous to me compared against the difficulties I’ve had acclimating to Stormwind.

Talk to this dwarf for an aerial tour of Stormwind's harbor.

Despite Stormwind proving to be a labyrinth to me, I love the look of the city. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Fantasyland in Disneyland with all of the little nooks and paths it has. I’m really looking forward to being able to fly over the city as it’ll negate the annoyances of the canals, but for the time being you can get a glimpse of the harbor from the air by talking to a dwarf named Thargold Ironwing in the harbor.

Unfortunately the aerial tour is limited to the harbor, but it is definitely worth experiencing it as it’ll take you on a fly-by of the lighthouse. I never would have discovered this tour had it not been for Skolnick’s Warcraft Less Traveled segment on All Things Azeroth. I have yet to check out the other lesser known areas in Stormwind, mainly because I keep getting lost, but I’m making it a goal to see them as well as the other easter eggs scattered throughout Azeroth as highlighted by Skolknick. I need to get the music that he uses, it’s so serene.

Anyhoo, I’m going to have a lot of catching up to do with my troll rogue since he’s being neglected and has only hit level 16 whereas my dwarf dinged 22 just last night. Chain-running instances with my troll might just be on the docket for the next couple of days. That’ll surely give me plenty to blog about, or not. ^^;

For the stabby stab!