A Long Strange Trip

Now before you congratulate me on obtaining a hot pink proto-drake, that’s not the long strange trip I’m referring to. That achievement is something I’ve long given up on given the stress involved and my propensity to take extended breaks from the game, especially during in-game events.

No, that’s definitely not the long strange trip I’m talking about. Rather I am talking about the fact that just today, 5 months after Cataclysm’s launch, I reached the level cap with a second toon. Now that in of itself isn’t all that newsworthy considering the relative ease of breezing through Cata’s 80-85 content nor is the fact that it took me this long to have a second max level toon interesting. What is interesting, however, is with which toon I accomplished this with.

Who did you hit level 85 with? C’mon telllllllll me! Ugh, the anticipation …

Alright, I’ll spill the beans. No need to keep you writhing in pain from the anticipation any longer. That’d just be mean of me, right?

… /glare

Tell Me WHO IT IS!

Oh, right! Let me get on with it …

Today my Draenei mage, Aiom, on Winterhoof dinged 85 while out in the Twilight Highlands while making preparations for a wild, raucous Wildhammer wedding.

Okay … why exactly is this interesting?

Well the main reason this is interesting is the fact that I now have a max level Horde and Alliance toon. Going into Cataclysm I was pretty positive that my second max level toon was going to be my Orc death knight, or maybe even my oft-neglected Undead priest.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that I’ve almost completely abandoned my toons on Cenarius in pursuit of getting my mage to the max level. I haven’t logged in to my Troll rogue for more than a few minutes over the past couple of months and haven’t made any progress with his gear and reputations since I shelved him prior to my most recent break from the game.

I'm still FOR THE HORDE! (Of course)

I suppose my interest in getting my mage to 85 had a lot to do with the fact that she’s in the forgotten Ctrl Alt Wow guild on Winterhoof. It’s as if I felt compelled to spend all of my time there in a vain attempt to keep the guild from folding completely. Yet in all honesty, I think it may have been more the fact that mages are a ton of fun to play that kept me logging into her.

So now that you’ve hit 85 with your mage what are you going to do?

I’m not completely sure, but currently I have zero interest in getting her geared enough to run heroics … at least not yet. I could run normals to get her some better gear, but for the time being I’ll probably just end up doing the dailies that I can to improve her reputation. She still needs to do all of Hyjal and Uldum, so there’s that as well.

Once tier 11 is moved to justice point vendors I’ll probably get the itch to run heroics, but I’m not sure if all of t11 will be available in this fashion. Hopefully Blizzard and/or someone else can shed some light on exactly what patch 4.2 will mean for JP vendors.

I also need to figure out my professions on Winterhoof as well considering I don’t have the same foothold on this aspect of the game on Winterhoof. Will I drop herbalism for enchanting? That’s a question I’ll have to muse over for some time. I do have a couple of alts on the server to sort out and I’m sure with my mage being 85, my death knight will be getting a lot more play time.

It’s still amazing to think that a toon I rolled back in the doldrums of the Burning Crusade in an attempt to play with my sister who has long left the game is now my second level 85. Crazy times indeed.

I am the Sky Shatterer

It’s been a long time since I last decided to face down Captain Skyshatter over on the Netherwing Shelf, but today I was determined to get my third useless Skybreaker Whip. It definitely wasn’t as easy as the first two times I accomplished this considering that each of the previous two times I had some sort of mounted speed boost: used a riding crop with my rogue back in TBC, and On a Pale Horse with my death knight. I didn’t even have the level three Mount Up! guild perk to help me out!

You are a crazy, crazy man aren’t you?

No, no I’m not. Well, okay … just a little. I did want to punch my monitor or something when failing over and over until I finally learned his route well enough to take “short-cuts.” Without any kind of speed boost you’re at a HUGE disadvantage against Captain Skyshatter since he moves at 310% and he can very very quickly fly out of range causing you to fail. At least my mage was able to get hit by his meteors and not get knocked off her mount, so there’s that.

So, yah … the whip is worthless. Why did you go after it?

For the CHEEVOS! And for the prestige and self-satisfaction of doing something that can still be hard. I’m sure had my mage been able to make use of the mount speed guild perk besting Captain Sucks-His-Thumbs would have been infinitely easier, but that wouldn’t be quite as impressive. Right? Oh, and turning in the quest yields 1000 Netherwing rep, that’s the main reason why I bothered.

Captain Flys-Like-A-Grandma!

I’m also still holding on to the slim hope that someday Blizzard will make good on their word at the end of TBC and find someway of making riding crops usable again. I know it will never happen, especially with being able to buy 310% speed, but who knows? Maybe they could make the whip a usable item that transforms your mount into the armored netherdrake that Captain Sore-Loser rides or teaches you a non-combat pet version of his mount, or him on his mount … that would be awesome.

Anyhoo, that’s all I have for tonight. SUCK IT CAPTAIN CHEATER!

Of Alts and Dragonmaw Orcs

Today marked the third time I’ve embarked on a vacation in Shadowmoon Valley. Home to desperately lonely mobs that rarely see action, some sort of abandoned Black Temple and of course some hilarious Dragonmaw Orcs doing what they do best: spouting out some the funniest quotes in the game … and bending dragons to their will (or this case, Netherwing drakes). Now before you boggle your pretty little minds off, you might just realize what exactly that means.

Those Dragonmaw are funny, funny orcs … WHY IT PUT DA BOOTERANG ON DA SKIN? WHY???

I know, right? Hilarious. I still get a kick when I’m grinding out Netherwing reputation. Oh, OOPS! I let the cat out-of-the-bag. Well, if you were astute you already would have known where I was going with my vacay in Shadowmoon Valley. Today I managed to get my Draenei mage exalted with Stormwind to save 250 gold on 280% flying after months of toughing it out with regular old slow flying. Sure it isn’t as slow as it used to be, but it is still slowwwwww.


I love that one, but let’s get back on topic, shall we?

As soon as my mage got her epic flying she packed her bags for Outlands and she ain’t coming back until she has the reins of a Netherdrake. It’s a really good thing that she spent a good 45’sh minutes yesterday morning hunting brightly-colored eggs to obtain 100 chocolates to buy the Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit. It was somewhat stressful especially as the morning drug on and the number of egg campers kept growing, but she persevered and got it done. Now she is free to spend all the time she needs to get her Netherdrake before returning to Cataclysm content.

What color drake are you going to get?

I assume you meant to ask which color is she going to ride since she’ll definitely be buying all of the different reins. Also, why do I keep referring to my mage in the third person? Anyhoo … to answer your question I’m probably going to ride the violet one the most, but I may just end up making a macro to randomly select a drake. At least until I make a flying carpet, then I’ll probably just limit the macro to a couple netherdrakes and the carpet.

Well, that’s all I got for tonight. I have yet to decide on whether or not I’m going to go for my third Skybreaker Whip. Yes, that’s right. I’m crazy enough to go for it a third time even though it doesn’t do anything anymore ^^;