These past couple of weeks have been an utter nightmare. Had a driver and coordinator get themselves terminated for something exceptionally stupid AND then the driver that was going to cover the vacant route went and hurt himself good. So I became the coverage driver for a route that I had no clue about and worse yet in the outlying regions of Sacramento that I have a shred of knowledge about.

But that’s not all, no … of course not. Our remaining coordinator got exceptionally sick and was out 3 or 4 days, which meant an already skeleton-crew got even thinner. So my 10 hour workdays quickly became 12 with a couple of 14 hour shifts tossed in for good measure. I sure as hell didn’t work my ass for my company though … another half-assed review with a raise less than half of last year’s ensured I no longer care about the corporation I work for. No, I didn’t do it for the company, I did it for my coworkers stuck in the same shitty position.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad to be employed, got a raise, and even still get bonus checks when we hit our financial goals. It’s just that if my manager doesn’t feel like giving me a review, then just say “here’s your yearly wage adjustment” and be done with it. I’d have far more fucking respect for the fucker if that went down instead of being told “you’ve only been fully integrated in our culture for 2 years and still have a lot to learn” and “I expect that you’ll receive more ‘exceeds expectations’ next year.”

FUCK YOU >.< That’s the same shit I heard last year, except it was phrased “due to the database conversion and the lack of information in regards to your performance we decided to not penalize you and give you marks down the middle for everything.” So yeah … they can take their “meets expectations” and stick up their fucking collective asses. I don’t trust anyone higher than my last remaining coordinator; everyone above that level is a lying piece of shit.

But I have digressed and vented enough … for now. In my exhaustion I have renewed motivation to finally get my portfolio site up and running with a shiny new coat of paint. Design is where my heart is and I need to follow that otherwise my blog will become nothing more than a “FUCK YOU IRON MOUNTAIN” blog. So I hope to have some good news on that front soon.

Since the topic of this blog entry is dedication I figure I’ll awkwardly segue into a relevation that makes me exceptionally happy. July 1, 2010 will mark my 10th wedding anniversary with my mamacita. I really don’t know where I’d be without her support and love. We always planned on renewing our vows at some point, so if we’re financially able to, we are planning to do so next year. If not next year, definitely for our 15th anniversary. Instead of a traditional “western wedding” we’re going to opt for a Japanese style wedding.

I’ve always wanted to buy my Tinaboo a kimono, so why not two? One for the ceremony and one for the reception. I definitely wouldn’t mind having a formal kimono of my own, just not sure about the shoes ^^; My daughter will look extremely cute in one as well! I can only imagine what my mother-in-law’s reaction will be when we break the news to her … that it’ll be a Japanese ceremony.

Now the question remains … to renew our vows in english, or japanese? o.O


I remember a long time ago I thought I’d be driving out to the south bay area everyday for work. That didn’t come to fruition and I ended up as a Sac/Natomas/Davis driver. After the acquisition things started dwindling down but the bay route was still a bit too much and pulling too much overtime.

So finally the bay route is getting split into a north and south component. Yet now it appears that neither route is substantial enough to be completely worth it. But in the process my old route is being gang-raped and now I’m left with something that barely resembles a route averaging 2 or 3 stops, with one of those still being in Elk Grove.

On top of that it’s being tossed around that I should do this other route that leaves in the afternoon, but doesn’t usually get back until after 4pm. That seems somewhat reasonable right? Go do a couple of stops in the south bay, come back, do some ops, then go out on another route.

Only one major problem, I need to be off by 3:30pm in order to sustain the current daycare rates. If I were to get off an hour later consistently those rates will go up substantially and that’s an added expense we cannot afford.

So now my only hope to avoid a complete flogging is to either a, give up my weekends and not work on the leanest of days for the south bay route, or b, take as many other stops as possible that make sense.

Tomorrow is not going to make for such a hot day.

Meh …

So what do you do when you absolutely hate your job? You drink! Sadly I’ve fallen back into drinking. I get home and have no drive, so I just veg out, and after a day like today I decide to unwind with a few shots (so far only 2). After a day like today? Well I’ll explain it like this; what I imagined would happen is slowly starting to happen. You see, the brilliant minds running the company I work for have decided to relocate most of the document storage to a new warehouse location.

When this plan first surfaced I knew at some point in the future we’d be expected to load our media storage at the current location and then drive 20 mins to the other location and pick any document boxes we would need to deliver that day. Well today I got a small taste of that. When loading my boxes I noticed that I was short 4. Where were they? You guessed it, at the other location as they weren’t pulled yesterday.

Fortunately I didn’t have to drive all the way to the other location and pull these boxes, but still this hiccup has left a bad taste in my mouth. This will only continue to happen, and as previously stated, being expected to drive to the other location is only around the corner. *le sigh*

Ok, no more work ranting … let’s unwind, let’s talk about something else … anything else

I’ve been thinking about a suitable Father’s Day/Birthday present and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I would like a PSP. On those rare days that I have downtime having a PSP to spend that downtime with would be mighty enjoyable. I know I’ll continue to gripe about the lack of a 2nd analog nub, but there are games out for the PSP that aren’t console “ports” and designed specifically for on-the-go play.

Other than that I’ve been getting this urge to pick up Fable again. However now that the Lost Chapters have long been out, I’m holding out until I pick that up. One question for those that might know: can you convert your existing Fable save (ala Midnight Club 3 Remix) or do you have to start off fresh?

And finally, I have to comment on Ben Hamburgerface. What the hell was this idiot thinking? Riding a crotch-rocket without a helmet AND a license? He’s been told over and over again that he shouldn’t take the risk of riding to begin with, but to ride without a helmet? What a fucking jerk, he might have single handedly screwed the Steelers out of a potential playoff birth already.

*Stumble* >THUD

Perpetual exhaustion is not a good thing. Getting a solid 6 hours of sleep and still feeling sleep deprived is also not good. What can I say? Work is slowly killing me as the past month has on average been 50 hours per week. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done 70 hour weeks at Namco, but those always involved some time to not think about work. With my current job I work straight, no breaks, no lunches … all the while stressing about trying to work my route in a logical fashion so that I can hit all my stops without having to backtrack too much. Throw in the physical aspect of lifting boxes and/or heavy containers and you have a recipe for exhaustion.

And that’s just the work I do at work. Having your hands full once you reach home and have to take care of your now all-over-the-place daughter while trying to keep the house clean and it’s almost too much. While the interior of the house has been kept decent the exterior is starting to reach a dangerous level of neglect. I just need to pop some speed or something and tweak out and do a month’s worth of yardwork in one day.

But let’s get back to the main source of my exhaustion and stress; work. Things have been crazy for my route. It seems as if my largest document storage clients are deciding to throw everything at me all at once. I’ve been able to get some help on that front so I haven’t had to shoulder the entire burden myself, but nothing has been done to help my Tuesdays.

Tuesday is by far the worst day for my route mainly because I have to go far outside of my usual route and hit stops in Davis (about 15-20 mins west of Sacramento). To add to the insanity yet another stop has been added in Davis. So that makes 2 weekly, 2 every other week, and 1 once a month. Being that this past Tuesday was the first Tuesday of the month and it was that was that “other” week I had 5 stops in Davis which took a total of 60 mins to do. Add in the travel time involved in getting to and from and those 5 stops ate up almost 2 hours of my day.

Total I had 25 stops for Tuesday and it was fortunate that somone was sent to pick up the 110 boxes that were scheduled on my route for that day. There just would not have been enough time for me to pick them up and do my route. I had gone into work at 7am, left on route around 9am and didn’t get back from route until 4:45pm finally leaving from work at 6:25pm.

It was a crazy day and I would have left it at that and not seen it fit to fill an entire journal entry as a rant, but there was more. Oh there was more. While on route I received a phone call from our sales guy. Now there’s a lot of backstory as to why I hate this sales guy with a passion, but that’s an entry unto itself. What transpired during this phone call and the following morning shall be enough to permenantly place this jackass on my shitlist.

“Rumor has it you’re going to Davis today and there’s a guy that has some boxes to pick up for destruction, do you have enough time to pick them up?” >.<

I was beside myself, I mean come fucking on. This asshole knows I go to Davis on Tuesdays as he had seen fit to slip that extra stop in Davis. His non-chalant condescending arrogance really shone through on his opening. It took all of my will power not to respond in kind with “Rumor has it you’re a complete tool” or “Rumor has it you’re an asshole” or “Rumor has it I’m going reach through this phone and strangle you.”

After I composed myself I as politely as I could told him that I already had 25 stops and that I definitely did not have time to do so. Hell, I didn’t even know where this guy and his boxes would be, nor do I know Davis nor is there a map in the van I drive. It could have been right by one of my stops, or further into Davis where’d I’d get lost, but regardless I sure as hell wasn’t going to do him any favors.

Fast forward to this morning. He walks into the office as I’m awaiting some work-orders for laggy clients and starts to lay into me a little about my refusing to pick up some boxes. “It would have been a high-yield stop for us, $75 for 3 boxes.” But by “us” he means didn’t mean the company, but himself. He continued by stating that the guy “faxed” a contract over and he had to tell the guy that he couldn’t sign it as we didn’t have the man-power to do it. I agreed with him on not having the man-power and left it at that even though I’m pretty sure he indirectly called me a cry-baby.

I fucking hate this guy. He is the epitome of a sleazy salesman. Upselling clients on a facade of bullet points which are either exaggerations or flat-out lies. There are so many times where I wish I could call this tool out, but right now I need money more than I need to show this jackass just how smart I am to his game.

So wow … a compelte entry/rant about work. This is what happens when Blizzard fucks up and Cenarius goes boom. Even after being moved to a new server cluster/site location for better stability. This is seriously throwing a wrench into my plans of getting my druid up to 60 for skinning and mining.

Okay, before I go on for another 30 mins about WoW I’m just gonna end my entry now. As a tribute to Jim Rome, “Goodnight Now!”

ne 1 ?

You’ll have to excuse the “leet-type” I used as my subject, I’m bored, stressed, anxious, etc … Anyways, not updating my livejournal seems to be a habit I haven’t been able to kick. I suppose it doesn’t really matter as probably only a handful of people check it anyways, but it’s still something of a “personal goal.” I can always blame how excessively lame my current job is for the perpetual state of exhaustion that I find myself in causing me to veg-out when I get home. I thought the job would be a tad more “kickback” but has been anything but. A job is a job though, and income is far more important than my state-of-mind. Right?

Having such an inconsistant crappy job has led to a few moments of wishing to get plastered, or at least good n’ buzzed. These moments have fortunately have been few and far between, but it still concerns me a little that everynow and then I yearn to return to my vice. On the flipside these moments have been anything but enjoyable which only helps to reinforce my decision to give drinking up completely.

But let’s get off the down subject and attempt to blog about something a bit more … happy.

My daughter is now 8 months old and developing as well as we could hope. She’s not crawling quite yet, but she’s on the verge of figuring it out. She’s lifting her abdomen off the ground but usually ends up going in reverse. She’s also become far more talkative of late and become an absolute joy to be around, when she’s not teething. I find myself thinking of how glad I am now that I’m a father and anticipating having “moments” with my daughter as she continues to grow up.

Just today as I was driving by some school kids I thought back to when I was that age and reflected on what my parents meant to me as I was growing up. Indeed I feel more and more like a father each day. I especially look forward to introducing my daughter to her first video game experience.

Well I’ve babbled on long enough in this entry, I’ll probably think of more thoughts I’d like to share later tonight, but this is sufficient for now. Besides … I’ve had many moments where I’ve thought “Oh, this would be a good thought to blog” and then never do so. >.<