I remember a long time ago I thought I’d be driving out to the south bay area everyday for work. That didn’t come to fruition and I ended up as a Sac/Natomas/Davis driver. After the acquisition things started dwindling down but the bay route was still a bit too much and pulling too much overtime.

So finally the bay route is getting split into a north and south component. Yet now it appears that neither route is substantial enough to be completely worth it. But in the process my old route is being gang-raped and now I’m left with something that barely resembles a route averaging 2 or 3 stops, with one of those still being in Elk Grove.

On top of that it’s being tossed around that I should do this other route that leaves in the afternoon, but doesn’t usually get back until after 4pm. That seems somewhat reasonable right? Go do a couple of stops in the south bay, come back, do some ops, then go out on another route.

Only one major problem, I need to be off by 3:30pm in order to sustain the current daycare rates. If I were to get off an hour later consistently those rates will go up substantially and that’s an added expense we cannot afford.

So now my only hope to avoid a complete flogging is to either a, give up my weekends and not work on the leanest of days for the south bay route, or b, take as many other stops as possible that make sense.

Tomorrow is not going to make for such a hot day.


Has it really been almost 2 months since my last update? Mas-ter Chief! (Je-sus Christ!) I honestly don’t know where to begin, so much has happened in these past 2 months. If there is a good place to start, I suppoe I’ll start with a link to an article, “Pure Heroism.”

Read the article before continuing with this blog.

Okay, so I assume you’re wondering why I’d link that article. Well, my wife was the hostage in that situation. I woke up November 1st around 3:30am and she wasn’t in the bed next to me. My first thought was “Why is she still up doing homework?” considering she had planned on waking up early that morning.

My daughter and I were accustomed to going to bed before my wife gets home from work, so it didn’t seem to unusual that she wasn’t in bed. Upon exiting the room I didn’t notice the glow of her laptop coming from either the office nor the kitchen table. At this moment I began to worry and after looking out front and not seeing her car on the street I freaked out.

Being that it was exceptionally foggy, my first thought was that she had been in a serious car accident. Immediately I grabbed my cellphone and frantically called hers. Fortunately she picked up and I found out that she was in the emergency room. I was crushed by the gravity of what had transpired as she told me.

Physically she was okay, more or less, only suffering a deep cut on inside the pinky on her left hand, a semi-deep gouge near her collarbone, and miscellaneous bruises and scrapes. Obviously the worst damage was sustained mentally from having a knife helf to her throat and then having the assailant shot in the face while she was still restrained by him.

While almost a month has passed, there are still times when both of us realize how differently life could be right now. I am so thankful that the officers that reponded handled the situation as they did. Sure there are bleeding hearts out there that will stand up on their soap boxes and preach about the “un-fairness” of shooting a man only wielding a knife, but how many of them have had something like this personally happen to them, or someone they love?

Anyways, life is different now. Plans have been arranged to place my daughter into daycare so that my wife can work a better shift once my wife returns to work. Which also means that my piece-of-shit ’92 Saturn SL2 has been replaced by a shiny charcoal gray ’08 Hyundai Elantra. Now I have a reliable car that will pass smog, has A/C, a working radio, no electrical problems, new interior, and most importantly, can transport my daughter.

Finally, prior to all of this happening, I was able to get my Xbox 360 Elite and Halo 3 as an early Christmas present. I’d post my thoughts on this final chapter to the series, but I’ll save that for its own entry.

Until then, have a good one.