These past couple of weeks have been an utter nightmare. Had a driver and coordinator get themselves terminated for something exceptionally stupid AND then the driver that was going to cover the vacant route went and hurt himself good. So I became the coverage driver for a route that I had no clue about and worse yet in the outlying regions of Sacramento that I have a shred of knowledge about.

But that’s not all, no … of course not. Our remaining coordinator got exceptionally sick and was out 3 or 4 days, which meant an already skeleton-crew got even thinner. So my 10 hour workdays quickly became 12 with a couple of 14 hour shifts tossed in for good measure. I sure as hell didn’t work my ass for my company though … another half-assed review with a raise less than half of last year’s ensured I no longer care about the corporation I work for. No, I didn’t do it for the company, I did it for my coworkers stuck in the same shitty position.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad to be employed, got a raise, and even still get bonus checks when we hit our financial goals. It’s just that if my manager doesn’t feel like giving me a review, then just say “here’s your yearly wage adjustment” and be done with it. I’d have far more fucking respect for the fucker if that went down instead of being told “you’ve only been fully integrated in our culture for 2 years and still have a lot to learn” and “I expect that you’ll receive more ‘exceeds expectations’ next year.”

FUCK YOU >.< That’s the same shit I heard last year, except it was phrased “due to the database conversion and the lack of information in regards to your performance we decided to not penalize you and give you marks down the middle for everything.” So yeah … they can take their “meets expectations” and stick up their fucking collective asses. I don’t trust anyone higher than my last remaining coordinator; everyone above that level is a lying piece of shit.

But I have digressed and vented enough … for now. In my exhaustion I have renewed motivation to finally get my portfolio site up and running with a shiny new coat of paint. Design is where my heart is and I need to follow that otherwise my blog will become nothing more than a “FUCK YOU IRON MOUNTAIN” blog. So I hope to have some good news on that front soon.

Since the topic of this blog entry is dedication I figure I’ll awkwardly segue into a relevation that makes me exceptionally happy. July 1, 2010 will mark my 10th wedding anniversary with my mamacita. I really don’t know where I’d be without her support and love. We always planned on renewing our vows at some point, so if we’re financially able to, we are planning to do so next year. If not next year, definitely for our 15th anniversary. Instead of a traditional “western wedding” we’re going to opt for a Japanese style wedding.

I’ve always wanted to buy my Tinaboo a kimono, so why not two? One for the ceremony and one for the reception. I definitely wouldn’t mind having a formal kimono of my own, just not sure about the shoes ^^; My daughter will look extremely cute in one as well! I can only imagine what my mother-in-law’s reaction will be when we break the news to her … that it’ll be a Japanese ceremony.

Now the question remains … to renew our vows in english, or japanese? o.O


I’ve have this lingering feeling that has been bugging me for the past month. I suppose it’s associated to the feeling that everything you’ve done hasn’t gotten you anywhere. It almost feels as if everything I’ve done has actually ended up taking a step backwards. Here’s the body of work I’m referring to:

New job search – Has been going very slowly. I’m not looking for a “sidegrade” in job. I need something that’ll be a substantial upgrade in order to counter the negative effect that jumping to a new job will have on a home loan approval. – *sigh* I started off strong on working on this, but haven’t touched this project pretty much since October 31st.

Final Fantasy XII – I’m at the end of the game, but haven’t touched it for the past two weeks. Namely because of WoW patch 2.0.1 and the promise of easy rank 14 weapons.

World of Warcraft – I’ve had extremely bad luck when it comes to horde PUGs in the BGs, having only been in one winning BG out of 30. Alliance premies scouting for pugs is a despicable practice in battlegroup “Whirlwind.” Then a week after launching 2.0.1 they nerfed honor so that now I’ll be lucky to get one HWL weapon before the expansion.

Starting my own business – I had my motivation for starting up my own niche video game store crushed when the possibility of this pursuit negatively effecting the home buying situation as well as general family life.

So there you go, that pretty much covers the lack of updates since FFXII’s launch. Maybe I’m being too “emo” but the holidays always seem to stir things up. Hey, at least I got the tree up last week and my daughter’s reactions to all the lights has been adorable.


You may have noticed that the pictures scattered throughout much of my journal disappeared for about 6 weeks. You may also have noticed that they’ve since returned. This was caused by yet another move, (the fifth in as many years) however this time we didn’t keep comcast, hence my webspace disappeared. Recently I’ve rectified the situation and gone with a web host so that I may have webspace independent of my internet provider. At $3.95/mo when you commit for 2 years (you pay it all up front) it’s not a bad deal.

Here’s a sneak peak of the layout.

I wasn’t able to secure my old URL as it is now being squatted, but seems a bit more intuitive anyways. Once I get familiar with flash, I’ll be sprucing it up, but for now I’ll be satisfied with a static layout.